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Just to add to the discussion on road side stands..I think you need to find the one thing that will sell well and that people will stop their cars for (in my case Free Range Eggs) and then you can sell all that other stuff in there too because they've stopped after all. It would need to be something you can produce well so people get to know you and keep coming back. That might be anything depending on your area, soil, climate etc. Sarah.

-- sarah Matthess (, April 01, 2000


Don't forget acorn squash! And if you have the room and want to go to the trouble, decorative gourds and luffahs.

-- Nancy Johnston (, April 01, 2000.

I think sarah you are right you need something to draw people in, A guy here sells his fresh baked fruit pies [people flock to him for them] and he sells the produce to.

-- kathy h (, April 01, 2000.

Make sure you're aware of legal issues for your area - there are specific requirements for different types of 'produce' e.g. baked/ canned goods generally require a certified kitchen (you can often use a church or town hall kitchen), eggs may require refrigeration. Also, in most cases your household insurance won't cover roadside stand 'accidents'

Our best sales (in WI) were from sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, baby bunnies and eggs. Good luck.

-- David C (, April 02, 2000.

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