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I would like to know wich AC VVVF Drives are designed to work specially for Traction Elevators ?

Thanks, Harsh Shah (harshshah@hotmail.com)

-- harsh shah (harshshah@hotmail.com), March 31, 2000


Traction elevators as opposed to, what?

VVVF drives are only used for traction elevators as far as I know. Hydraulics are controlled hydraulically.

Perhaps you mean which VVVF drives are exclusively for elevators? Every one I know of is based on a general purpose drive, but "tailored" to elevator usage.

-- John Brannon (akaelevman@AOL.com), April 01, 2000.


Magnatek, Baldor, G.E. etc...They are only being used for low rise geared machines, not hi rise gearless machines. The technology for high speed ACVVF motor control is not available yet..

-- Joe M... (Bachaglupy@aol.com), May 07, 2000.

VVVF drives have been used in many applications, chief among them being elevators. I have also personally seen them in refridgeration and air conditioning units.

VVVF drives can also be used for high rise elevators as well. Schindler has developed VVVF drives that are capable of speeds of up to 6 metres per second.

I also have heard that KONE have used a VVVF drive on a hydraulic pump motor, although I cannot confirm this...

-- Justin Ward (JW@hotmail.com), September 07, 2000.

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF)drives for AC motors have been with us for a long time. The technology has improved greatly over the years. The most recent high-tech products are dubbed Vector Control for induction motors or are designed to work with Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors, a type of glorified brushless DC motor system. The reason that their use is limited to low speed elevator applications is not the drive, or the lack of technology to make the application work at higher speeds, but simply the lack of a low rpm AC motor driven elevator machine suitable to work with a gearless traction system. These machines simply do not exist, whereas there are countless numbers of DC gearless traction machines installed since the 1940's. A new machine has a high design cost with significant risks associated with new product experimentation. Only the big guys can afford to develop them. Kone, Schindler & Otis are all working on them and do have proprietary designs installed. These are almost always designed into new construction buildings rather than modernization.

On the other hand, designing an AC motor as a 'bolt-on' replacement for the dc machine on an existing gearbox for operating a lower speed elevator is relatively simple. Also much lower in cost or risk.

Once the motors are there, a plethora of 'non-elevator' companies can provide the power converter/inverter to run them. Baldor, ABB, A-B, Toshiba, Yaskawa, Fuji, Siemens, & MagneTek, to name only a few. As always, some work better than others.

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), September 08, 2000.

And I forgot to mention... The MagneTek HPV900 was designed specifically for use on elevators. It has features custom for and power ratings exclusive to the use on elevators. It is not used for any other industrial applications.

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), September 08, 2000.


Friendly system for geared machines...

-- Joe M... (SuzieMcL@aol.com), October 15, 2000.

La société AUTINOR en France est fabricant depuis 30 ans de matériels électroniques pour l'ascenseur; commande et variation de vitesse. En 1990, elle a été une des premières à démocratiser le principe de la variation de tension/fréquence pour l'ascenseur. www.autinor.com Voir aussi en Allemagne : www.ascentronic.com

-- Olivier DIAMY (odia@free.fr), March 25, 2001.

In a Traction Geared Elevator, a gearbox transfers torque between the motor and sheave. Elevators are low speed, high torque applications, so gearboxes are used to allow higher speed, lower torque motors to be used. A variety of rope types, sheave designs, gear types, and AC or DC motors are employed in several configurations by suppliers to constitute the actual machine. The Geared Traction Elevator is the most widely installed type worldwide. It services an extremely wide range of performance and building floor requirements.

-- Amit .Murlidhar.Kolekar (amit_kolekar@hotmail.com), June 13, 2002.

The best drive to use in Traction elevator is the HPV 900 Magnetek Drive , Now I have AB 1336M Drive for a Kone Controller I need information to make interface to use a Drive HPV 900 with controller.

-- Jose Luis Vazquez (josel@deya.com), August 04, 2004.

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