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QRS'a beautiful play of Makai-mura (playedback score of 677600) was achieved using leeching at the end where he got a bit too greedy and died on the level he leeched on. I think we can forgive him for the first two level 3s, but what is the policy about leeching and dieing on the same level? It's not really in the Rules page, how much leeching is allowed. I'd propose to correct the score to when he died after the third and fatal leeching, which is about 655,000.

-- Chad (, March 31, 2000


Hi Chad.

Thanks for your compliments on my makair-mura game. Thanks!! But one thing that I like to point out is this endless talk about the "leeching" i could have gathered alot more points on the level 3 (all three times..) As you can see on the inp.file I4m not even good at "leeching" at level three.. My fisrt objective on those levels is to get the knife and in the same time the 10.000 goblin statue, kill some zombies and run to the next part of the stage... L don4t want call this leeching correct me if I4m wrong.. It4s called collecting points. I died in level 3 after finishing the game BUT hey i4m not gready. I even considered to stop playing after the end like that japanese guy did on his inp-file. BUT i had one or two men left so I continued playing (not so eager) and died in level 3..

I dont4t think this talk about the "leeching" in this game is right.. Why dont4t gather some points when you can?? it4s a part of the game- AND i4m doing it on ONE men! (not dying going back and leech again..) Or shall i play the game again not searching for any points just trying to beat it?? let me hear your opinions folks!! and the reason that i died on level 3 the last time was that the zombies were much faster than before.. That time i was NOT gready!!

But once again Chad- thanks for your compliments!

ps Chad I4m not angry or something (maybe a little tired of the leeching talk..) but i love critics! keep them coming!

Regards QRS

-- QRS (, April 01, 2000.

I forgot to mention one thing about my makari-mura rcording.

When i was at level 5 the second time something strange happend to my controls.. First i thought it was my joystick that was out of order and but then it occured to me that it was some kind of bug or something.. I couldn4t go down or up on the ladders for halv a minut.. i was so mad you should have sen me!!! So close to the end and this would happen... But suddenly it worket again and with some luck I managed to come to level6 where i got another extra.. puhhh

Has this happend to you guys?? Or was it just some strange joystick problem??? Please let me know!



-- QRS (, April 01, 2000.

Yeah, i get that problem too, usually it's because i have about three devices that are all connected to my singular keyboard output, and if you press a key on the keyboard accidentally while you are using a keyboard mapped controller the keys go all funny. The only way to truly fix it is to reboot, but sometimes after banging on the keys (with one controller only) that were pressed in unison they come back to normal.

The reason we talk about leeching is that it delays continuation of the game which usually isn't very challenging (since if you can delay the game play you have more time to react giving an advantage as well as extra points gained with out demmanding skill.) I don't know what the exact policy is about gng right now, but since the first times you "leeched" you didn't die (or expire) that doesn't delay game play, but if you die because you were leeching (you could have won the third leeching level easily even because there were fast zombies if you hadn't leeched) then that's delaying play.

more of my cents.... still you're the first to submit a recording that beat the game fully, totally hats off, since i know you could proly do it again with out any leeching.

-- Chad (, April 01, 2000.

Hi again Chad.

I agree with you Chad on almost all your points... I don4t fancy myself looking at an inp. file on a player that is leeching the points but i think that it is hard to draw a line where it is leeching or not...

I don4t remember exactly where i died on level 3 but one thing i would like to point out is that my intention before i died was to get the knife and the 10000 goblin statue before going to the next stage and that is best done where the "leeching" spot is..

One thing i remember is when after i finished the game i didn4t bother at all to look for the knife in the first level... I just played on with the cross-shield... When i reached level 3 i think i got the knife in a stone the first time (correct me if i4m wrong) som I had to get it over again..

To be honest with you Chad, I really don4t consider my playing as leeching at all BUT of course I will folow the any rules if they say it is leeching. I played like this in the arcade and it was a part of the game.... And my intention on level 3(last time) was not (honest Chad!) to leech...

And thanks again Chad for your kind words about my playing!

ps I will go for some scores on the other clones soon... maybe i will play with no "leeching" this time..



-- QRS (, April 01, 2000.

I've just watched your input , QRS ... for me there is no illegal leeching , and I have only one word to say : congrats !!!! You're the first finishing the game and your input deserves to be confirmed

Once again congrats

-- phil (, April 04, 2000.

Thanks for your kind words Chad!

I still love the game and i will soon try to go for some higher scores on the rest of the gng:s.

One question Chad: Didn4t you check my inp. file before you posted this thread? Please Chad My intention is not to offend you! I thought that you watched the inp. first because you semed to know alot of the recording when you posted the message.

Or maybe you watched it again or? just wondering.

And thanks again it feels very good to have this game finished and i will also try for som Ghouls4n Ghosts in the future..(Need a lot of practice on that one!!)

ps do you play gng yourself? what do you think about the game? For me it is stil among the greatest games aver created!!

Cheers Chad!


-- QRS (, April 04, 2000.


I 4must be blind Phil (or too tired!!) I thought that it was Chad that posted your message... sorry Phil!

I thank you for YOUR kinf word about my playing makari-mura and an even greater thanks that a great player like yourself don4t consider my playing leeching!

Regards to all of ya MARP players


-- qrs (, April 04, 2000.

yeah i like the ghouls n ghosts and goblins games. I do commend you along with phil because none of the other players could do it, and your score should be confirmed, we just have to get this leeching issue in GNG finalized, so we can know at which score the score to be confirmed at 667K or 650K.

Is it considered leeching if you die in the level you leech at, or is it only considered leeching when you do it more than once? Or has this already been decided? If it has then it should be on the rules page, QT?

-- Chad (, April 04, 2000.

I meant qrs score should be confirmed at 677k if dieing on the same level you leech at is OK, or 650K if that is leeching. He scored at least 650K with out "game play delaying" leeching (at least in my book.)

-- Chad (, April 04, 2000.

I must say that i don4t remember exactly what i did the last men on the 3 stage (after finishing the game) but one thing I would like to point out is that if someone would change my score from 677600 to 650000 i think it is strange... Of course to me the point makes no dif. but if they decide to do that I will NOT accept it! To me it is as simple as this:

A) The MARP admins confirm the score as no leeching and it stays at 677600.

B) The MARP admins decides to "cut" down the points for about 20000. If they do that I will ask them delate the hole score.. I will try to make a new recording and not collect a single zombiepoint after that. I scored 677600 and i think it is silly to cut down a score.

The reason is that i want to have this as a "clean" score so to speak..

Your opinons are welcome folks!!

Cheers and may the games rule forever!!

ps as I said before Chad and others I4m not angry at all or something I think it is fun with discusions about games!


-- qrs (, April 06, 2000.

I think that the score that QRS has submitted should be left as it is. It wasn`t an intentional leech to amass a score ? He deserves credit for doing what he did. And judging from his posts , he is an honest an enthusiastic gamer, and should be treated as such....( hell , he plays Irish music with his band. He HAS to be OK !!) Good stuff, QRS...


-- Alex Weir (, April 06, 2000.

At the end of the input, QRS leech ONCE on level 3 (as it is permitted) and accidently die . Then he traverse level 3 without leeching ... there is not "stolen" points I think .

So let 's confirm this great performance (the first and for the moment unique input finishing the game) so that QRS could concentrate on other games (or maybe gng which seems harder than makaimur)

Super ghouls&ghosts : I only have seen it on SuperNintendo , I don't know if it exists on arcade support

-- phil (, April 06, 2000.

Thanks folks for your kind words!!

Phil: I will try to finish gng and other makai-mura clones if I can they are harder but not much.. (just those damn satans at level5 and 6)

Alex: Yes I4m an honest person (at least when I play arcade games hehe) An yes I play Irish trad music in a band we call "The Banshee"

I saw on the profile page that you are from Ireland Alex! It would be fun to visit Ireland somtime and see all the places I sing about in the songs!!

My instruments are: Tin whistle, five string banjo and lead song. I also play some mandolin and guitar.

Regards all of ya MARPERS!


-- QRS (, April 07, 2000.


If you ever decide to come to Ireland, drop me a line. I`ll show you the meaning of Irish hospitality, and yes, I know all the songs and words!! We could also play some games together !



-- Alex Weir (, April 07, 2000.

Thanks for your kind invitation Alex!

I would love to visit Ireland and see everything there is to see!

Be sure that i will drop ya a line if I decide to visit in the future!

And games Alex, who can live without them!!



-- QRS (, April 07, 2000.

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