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Okay today I won't be posting any spoilers because well I havn't read any. However before I start I would like to say sorry to people who had already read these spoilers and to others who flamed me for writing them I DIDN'T the star did so flame them not me okay I was just trying to inform.

No enough with the cattyness heres something which me and my friend had a dbeate on last night it was about character development and George Clooney(Doug). Anyway what we got to was that ER seems to do a slow progress of character development at the moment compare some of the characters that we have this season with those which we have had in others. We felt that we knew a lot about the characters in just a short space of time and hence we liked them more quickly than the ones we are currently presented with. I think I've seen a lot of people complain that they don't know the new characters well enough and therefore can't become attached or try to feel the emotions that the actor/ess is trying to portray. The point is however that these are NEW characters I think ER want to focus on the ones they have already built up and build the others chracters around them and we learn more throught that e.g. we didn't know much about Luka(we still don't) but we found out how his family died when he got into a discussion with a character who has a more built up profile(Kerry )

-- Mike (, March 31, 2000

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