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Talk about trips that you've taken. Did you love it? Hate it? Never want to see the people you were with ever again? What went wrong? What went right?

-- Meghan (, March 31, 2000


TWO stand out:

St Louis to LA by way of Grand Canyon. 2 foot drifts of snow, 3am. nothing but trucks and us. Grand Canyon in the snow. Long trips w/ a s/o will make or break a relationship. WIfe and I are closr than ever

MO to MI w/ another couple. Driving and talking missing the turnoff and not noticing for at least an hour. Straight 2-lane roads at rather excessive speeds. Auto truth or dare :)

-- Tim (, March 31, 2000.

Concert band tour! Yeah! Loved every minute of it, even when I wasn't enjoying myself. I want to do it all over again. I'm not even going to start writing it here, since y'all can read it in my journal. March 11th- 19th.

-- Piper (, March 31, 2000.

Hmm...I could have sworn I posted on this....A few trips stand out in my mind. First any and all road trips for softball during high school. Especially junior year. Don't really know why that stands out in my head, maybe because we were all about having fun or maybe it was because we knew it was the last year we'd win our league (we went fast pitch the next year). Anytime me, sara, eric, or meghan go somewhere. heh heh heh. Uh...oh yeah freshman year softball coming home from a game in Lakewood at 9 o'clock on wed. night. Our van broke down in the middle of a metro park and we had to push it to the side of the road. I should also point out that including the coach their was 7 of us in the van that night.

-- kelly (, April 06, 2000.

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