What do you find sexy in movies?

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What do you find sexy in movies?---Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), March 30, 2000


In movies, sexual tension is much more interesting than sex,in my opinion.Watching two characters dance around one another, knowing the sexual attraction is there but not wanting to admit or give in to it, for whatever reason. "When Harry Met Sally" is one of the best romantic movies I've seen for just that reason. There's an element of it in "The X-Files" too, and Mulder and Scully almost - but not quite - succumb to their smoldering desire in the feature film.

-- Michael Hardy (mhardy63@earthlink.net), April 01, 2000.

I agree with Michael Hardy pretty much. Sex depicted in film becomes a matter of engineering and hydraulics which might be interesting to a young man who hasn't played the show and tell games enough. The interplay of the personalities with a sexual undertone is very interesting. I wish I could remember the name of the video I saw wherein the main male character was a homosexual who took up with a lady and her kid as one compassionate human to another. Beautiful story. The Truth About Cats and Dogs with Jane Anne Garafalo was another flick, fluffy I know but an interesting and funny story. Yes, the desires and the wished for outcome are easily sensed, but the nitty gritty as it were insn't shown.

-- doug (ionoi@webtv.net), April 01, 2000.

I agree, the sexual tension between two characters or between two actors that I like is the best.When Clint Eastwood's character brushes his hand across Meryl Streep's knee as he is reaching for a cigarette in the glove compartment, and she inhales and pulls herself up as if electrified... loved that!"Bridges of Madison County". I like it when the female character seems a little bit sexually repressed or neglected and the male character starts to elicit a response which seems to unnerve her. The kiss is a big one for me too, you can tell so much from a kiss. There are still actors who do stage kisses, which is kissing just to the left or right of the mouth depending on the camera angle or worse, just under the mouth, YUCK!!! Richard Gere is the best screen kisser, he really 'sucks face', like he's eating a ripe peach after a week in the desert.

-- kim nelles (kim@loupomanti.com), April 02, 2000.

just as pleasure to enjoy the life

-- nahila (nahila_18@yahoo.com), July 10, 2001.

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-- demon lover demon (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm@collegeclub.com), January 12, 2002.

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