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Hi :) I was wondering if anyone could recommend a college or other educational program that is extra-special-good with regard to photojournalism. I'm considering design schools like RISD or SVA, but i'm afraid they might be too art-oriented. thanks! --sera

-- sera landau (, March 30, 2000


Hi Sera,

I'm an active duty U.S. Marine currently attending a year of photojournalism courses at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.

The instruction here is fantastic. Although I don't have any academic experiences in pj at other universities to compare against, I can tell you I doubt there is any other pj program that can compete with what's happening now at Newhouse.

I am part of a military-sponsored pj package, but we work with many of the other "regular" students here too. It seems funding for the pj courses is excellent. The professors, like David Sutherland and Mark Dolan are ruthless with standards and expectations.

Syracuse also has a solid art photography course. I don't know any professors on the art side though so I can't tell you much aboout the nuts and bolts of that program. But I've seen the work produced by some of the VPA students and it is killer.

If you would like to get some more info, or talk to any of my pj professors, or students, just let me know and I'll get you some phone numbers and E-Mail addresses.

Sorry if I sound like an advertisment for the school, but I've had a great time here and been exposed to some fantastic instruction and people. I really believe in the program.

Good luck.

Matt Hevezi

-- Matthew Hevezi (, April 01, 2000.

If you have the budget/inclination, try the London College of Printing and their Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism. It's the best. I did it two years ago; there were two Americans that year, plus a Swede, German etc etc. You finish that course and you ARE a photojournalist. See if they have a website or write: Patrick Sutherland, LCP PgDip Photojournalism, Back Hill, London EC1 United Kingdom. Best of luck.

-- Julian Fowler (, September 05, 2000.

Hello Sera, When looking into affordable photojournalism univ. this is what I found - Read this very important book - 'Truth Needs No Ally' written by former Black Star President Howard Chapnick Publ. by the univ. of missouri press in 1994. I can highly reccommend this book after reading it I was convinced I belong in photojournalism....It will also elude you to productive approaches to the displine & studies necessary to proceed further. Not enough can be said for a BS/BA from a American univ. this will launch your career, providing you have done the leg work. I would also look into several 10mo programs in journalism/photography in canada at Victoria Univ. of British Columbia also check out Shaws Guide To Photography & International Center Of Photography in NYC... The work I enjoy most is that of James Nachwey, Will Allard, the magnum & blackstar photographers of the last 75 years....

-- Ron Richard (, November 14, 2000.

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