WARSAW, ILL - City Looking For Water Leak

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March 30, 2000

Title: Warsaw looking for water leak

By Brian Richardson/Gate City Associate Editor

WARSAW, Ill. - The Warsaw City Council Wednesday voted to hire Leak Detection Services of Caseyville, Ill., to complete a water leak study of the city's distribution system.

According to Robert Gooding, Warsaw water superintendent, the city is losing nearly one million gallons of water a month due to a leak in the water distribution system. It appears the water is going directly into the ground. The leak has probably existed for several years but gone undetected. A new water plant and state-of-the-art equipment are among the factors in discovering the problem.

The firm charges $880 a day, and it is expected to take four days to complete the study. Gooding said Leak Detection Services conducted a similar study for Nauvoo, Ill. Nauvoo has about 25 miles of pipe, while Warsaw has approximately 50 miles. Gooding said Nauvoo officials were pleased with the firm's work.



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