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-- David Holladay (, March 30, 2000


Ted Butler is a joke!

In 1997 he forecast that "In three years, the world will completely run out of silver." Yeah, right.

-- (, March 30, 2000.

I rememember $50 silver and $800 gold in the no-so-distant past. I also vividly remember the boiler-room shysters trying (& frequently succeeding) to CONvince ordinary people to "get rich quick" by buying precious metals futures or options -- after prices had essentially collapsed. "If only silver goes back to $8.00 an ounce--they'd say"... All too many lost their entire 'investment' (translation-- gamble). I narrowly avoided falling victim to them, but a relative lost a nice chunk of change to these creeps.

The precious metals 'community' is and has always been rife with hucksters, shysters, con-men (and women) and just plain THIEVES! For the most part it's best to steer clear of them with very few exceptions. There are a handful of absolutely excellent companies which let YOU decide if and what metals (rare or bullion) you should own. I won't mention the name, but there's a place in New Orleans which would #1 on my list.

-- GOLDBUG-- (AllThatGlittersDefinitely@Isn', March 31, 2000.

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