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Hi Eric,

I've been trying unsuccessfully to enlist another server on to my master server (both of which i have adminstrative rights on). this has been bugging me for the past coupla' days. I get the error: 22026 - The enlist operation failed (reason: Unable to connect to local server: Login failed for user 'user_domain\user_name'.)

I checked and restarted the target server's SQLserveragent (and just to make sure even restarted both servers' MSSQLSERVER services using the same account and password from their respective NT control panel's services box and then proceeeded to restart both SQLServerAgent services). Then i go back to EM and try to enlist the target server without success. Which part am I missing this time?

hope you can help me out. thanks in advance.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2000


apparently, i missed mapping that NT user account into a sql server login (in the target server)...

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2000

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