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I am intrigued by the Minox 8 x 11 cameras, and am probably about to start looking for "my" Minox B on that auction site. The size, the fine 15mm lens, the exquisite look of this excellent camera.

But. But what about the cost and difficulty of buying film and having it developed and printed here in Toronto. I still count my dollars. I no longer think about how much I just spent on those bad photos or that wasted roll of shots, but still, the cost is relevant to me. I know, its sacrilege to allow paltry considerations of dollars and cents to interfere with the appreciation of beauty.

My questions? Once I've bought my camera, how much should I expect to spend on film and developing and printing, say, a 24 exposure roll? (Is that the standard length?). Is it possible to buy film and/or mailers in Toronto?

(I spend roughly CDN$8 for a 24 exposure processing-included roll of 400 ASA Loblaws-label Fuji. I'm prepared to spend, say, three times that, or maybe even four times, for 8 by 11.)

-- Daniel Iggers (, March 29, 2000



I am not sure about the availability of film in toronto. I know that here in Houston, there is only one place you can buy film. They are asking about $11 for a 36 exp roll of b&w 400 ASA, and about 8 for a roll of 36 exp b&w 100 ASA. The mailers are about 18 dollars. I know that you can get film and mailers much much cheaper ordering them from say B&H, but then there is shipping and you have to wait. (I hate waiting) Then there is developing your own film, which in the long run will be cheaper, and plus I think that is where the fun is. I don't yet have all of the stuff to develope yet, and I am not a rich man. (School is expensive) so I am plagued with the same concerns you have. I hope some of this helps.

-- David (, March 30, 2000.

  1. It is not a good idea to buy Minox camera from eBay or other site: you need to check a Minox in person, other wide you may end up with a lemon.
  2. The best place to shop for Minox 8x11 is Alt Camera Exchange at Queen/Jarvis.
  3. You can buy film from Alt or from Eight Elms Photo & Video at Eight Elms street, two block north of Eaton Center.
  4. Or you can buy film and processing at
  5. Several small shops in Queen/Javis area also carry Minox B, C etc
  6. See how to check Minox camera thread
These will get you a head start. Later if you want to cut film from 35mm and develop your own, and consider buying a film slitter, Minox development tank, and Minox enlarger

Eight Elm has better price on Minox factory loaded film and new Minox equipment and accesories. Ask for Mr Chan or Mr Lee.

-- martin tai (, March 30, 2000.

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