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Does anyone know the reciprocity factors for Fuji Neopan 400? The datasheets I have in both Japanese and English do not refer to this. I was trying some close up shots last night, which required unadjusted exposure times of 30 seconds, and I adjusted these by substituting the reciprocity factors for Ilford Delta 400 ; obviously these were totally wrong as I have ended up with incredibly high contrast.

-- fw (, March 29, 2000


Afterwards, it is of course easy to say "Why didn't you bracket?"

From my understanding, the high contrast is normal in long exposures, regardless of whether the corrections are correct or not. This is understandable, too, because reciprocity failure becomes the more important the lower the light. The highlights might still be in a domain where reciprocity holds, and the shadows for which you expose, are deep in the non-reciprocal domain. As I would see it, the factors are OK if shadow detail is sufficient, but you should cut development to counteract the high contrast.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, March 30, 2000.

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