KARACHI: serious water shortage

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Sindh government has failed in handling water shortage problem

ANWAR RAJANI ..........KARACHI (March 30) : The Sindh government appears to be at its wits' end in handling the problem of the water shortage which has not only adversely upset the irrigation system but has also affected the supply of drinking water to the urban centres of the province, including Karachi.

..........According to official sources, Sindh's requirement is 45,000 cusecs daily, but the supply has come down to about 22,000 cusecs. The level of water in main dams, Mangla, Taunsa and Tarbela has fallen by about 40 percent.

..........Sindh and Punjab face a severe water shortage for Kharif season, but the shortage of drinking water has created unprecedented trouble, particularly in the lower Sindh and Karachi, due to dangerous fall in the level of water in the Kotri Barrage.

..........Water supply to Hyderabad city from combined channel has declined from 7 ft to 6.4 ft. The supply to Karachi from Beghari canal is also down by 9 inches.

..........Many small cities on both sides of the River Indus are facing water shortage for drinking purposes in lower Sindh. ..........As many as 20 channels of water have dried up in the middle of Sindh. ..........The cultivation in cotton areas will be affected by 50 percent in Sindh this season. The standing crops of wheat in Nawabshah and Naushero Feroze districts have already been damaged. ..........Guddu Barrage has been closed from Saturday for silt

clearance but there is no improvement in downstream supply to Kotri Barrage. Another big canal known as Khirtar will be closed on April 5.

..........Following the closures of these canals, the government is making efforts to increase the supply of water to Nara and Rohri canals from April 5 but the real position will be known after April 9, according to sources.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), March 29, 2000


Martin, I sure appreciate all your hard work posting the news. Could I request you to begin your post with the Nation or Country. The above article leaves me wondering.

Thanks again

-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a Thought.com), March 29, 2000.

Go find the country yourself dummy. :P

I know you can get on the net.

-- At Atatend (@@@.com), March 29, 2000.

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