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The Day of Tompepsi might be of interest to Y2K-minded folks, and those who might agree with the end of the human species essay that was in the recent (current?) issue of Wired magazine.

"Tompepsi" is a novel-in-progress that I've been working on for some time. The website holds the first four chapters and I'll be posting more as I write.


-- johno (jobriy2k@yahoo.com), March 29, 2000


Chapter 2's link didn't work, but I liked your story. Looking forward to the next chapters.

-- helen (home@the.farm), March 29, 2000.

I enjoyed it John. (The link to chapter 2 worked fine for me.) Very imaginative and very well written. I must warn you, however. You *will* be taken to instacourt and charged a minimum of 5000 credits if you fail to serve notice on this forum when your next chapter is completed and online!

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), March 29, 2000.

Johno -

Your novel's off to a very good start. My bro's in the ad biz; I look forward to sending him a copy of "Tompepsi" when it's pubbed. (Gad, that Jimtown lingo is catchy, innit?)

-- DeeEmBee (macbeth1@pacbell.net), March 29, 2000.

Hello johno-- WOW.

Have read only the first two chapters but WOW. The new ideas come as fast as in Varley's Steel Beach.

The downside is there are only 4 chapters. Quit your day job.

-- Pam (jpjgood@penn.com), March 29, 2000.

johno-- This is not good. I have been slooowly reading a chapter a day but I'm up to #4. Hurry up with #5.

-- Pam (jpjgood@penn.com), March 31, 2000.

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