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Today: March 29, 2000 at 10:04:43 PST

DMV testing its new services

CARSON CITY (AP) - If the state Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety learned one thing from its Genesis debacle, it's that more testing is needed for new computer programs.

Genesis, a computerized vehicle and driver license registration and renewal program, was launched last September. Ensuing problems, including long customer waits and mistakes, resulted in an uproar from the public and state legislators.

Ginny Lewis, deputy director of the department, says the DMV hopes to roll out its new Internet and telephone service for renewing car registrations and driver's licenses in late April or early May.

"We need to test it thoroughly," Lewis said. "We will have three weeks of solid testing."

The Internet and telephone renewals are part of the add-on to the new technology to cut down on the number of people forced to go to DMV offices.

Ideally, Lewis said only those seeking first-time vehicle registrations or first-time driver's licenses or those with problems would have to show up in person.

The DMV also reported progress with a pilot program that lets emission testing stations in Las Vegas and Reno process vehicle registration renewals.

So far, 17 stations have applied to be considered for the pilot program. The deadline for applications is at the end of this week.

Jim Parsons of the DMV said that next week one station will be chosen each in Las Vegas and Reno to start the program. If all goes well, three additional stations will be added in Las Vegas and one in Reno during the following 30 days.


-- (, March 29, 2000

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