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Since you guys seem to keep up with the cast's appearances on other programs - did anyone happen to see him singing a duet with Big Bird (while sitting in BB's nest) on Sesame Street? My son was watching this morning and they did a "celebrity montage" and they only showed about 2 seconds of his song. I'd love to find out if he's got a good voice or not - so come on all you closet SS Fans! Let's hear your reviews!

-- Linda (, March 29, 2000


Didn't see him singing but a couple of seasons ago on Sesame Street he played a doctor who helps Maria when she hurts her foot or was hysterical, because at the end of the show, Noah proudly said "Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letters E and R" daughter had no idea why I was laughing so hard.

-- nancy (, March 29, 2000.

E and R! That's so cute! I didn't see it, but recently I saw a picture from it from a magazine and he looked younger, like during the first few seasons of ER, so it might be from a few years ago.

-- Elaine (, March 29, 2000.

I found a little story about it on the web here

It was in the fall of 1996.

-- debbie (, March 29, 2000.


Sure, playing Dr. John Carter on NBC's hit series ER has been heady stuff for Noah Wyle, but doing a guest shot on Sesame Street was a real stitch. "Truly, it was my crowning achievement," says Wyle, 25, who appears on Sesame Street's season premiere Nov. 18, 1996. "It was probably the first show I ever watched, the first entertainment I remember seeing." And it meant meeting one of his idols. "I worked with Big Bird almost exclusively," says Wyle. "I plucked a couple of his [tail] feathers out to give to my niece, and he was very gracious. He just said that they cost, I don't know, $1.75 apiece and that I should make sure I didn't lose them." Were Wyle's ER costars impressed with his work on the Street? "I don't think that the magnitude of my achievement has really sunk in on them yet," he says. "Actually, Eriq LaSalle was pretty impressed. I got the biggest vote of confidence from him. There's a very tender man inside that hard shell."

-- Linda (, March 30, 2000.

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