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March 29, 2000


Seafood staff floored by ammonia gas

Governor refuses to shut down factory

Nearly 100 workers were yesterday rushed to hospital after inhaling ammonia gas which leaked from a seafood processing plant in Kantang district.

The incident occurred at about 10am at Kantang Cold Storage plant on Trangkhaphum road, where as many as 1,000 people were employed.

Chaos erupted inside the privately-owned processing plant when the pungent gas swept through the compound.

Some eighty workers collapsed and were rushed to Kantang hospital. Most of the affected workers were suffering from breathing difficulties caused by a sudden lack of oxygen.

Sources said that no serious cases were reported and some of the victims were later discharged from hospital.

Chailert Pinyorattanachot, Kantang district chief, said the provincial industrial office sent a delegation to inspect the leakage, adding that the plant's management was ordered to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

Trang Governor Chalermchai Preechanan rushed to the scene to inspect the damage and help rescue workers and police evacuate the affected workers, sources said.

The governor said the leak was caused by a faulty rubber pipe which came loose. The damaged pipe was placed outside the factory when the leakage occurred.

He said that despite the management's negligence, he would not order the factory's closure because it would affect hundreds of workers.

Provincial industrial officials were investigating the faulty pipe and other suspect devices in the factory, the governor said. Sources said the cold storage plant was owned by Kriangsak Setvoraphan, who was not available for comment.


-- (, March 29, 2000

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