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Wow I'm from the UK and got a message posted from my friend who had read a spoiler from the STAR a US Tabloid I believe anyway here is what I heard from him which he read in the star:

DR Carter will go missing apparently they will think that he has committed suicide and hence there will be a bit of panic possibly ending with someone doing heart massage after he has taken an overdose.

The person who supposdly trys to quit is DR Greene yes I know this won't occur because of his contract for 4 years but it is an attempt by the writers most likely he will change his mind when Carter actually lives.

Finally we all know who also leaves but here is the shocker it has also been rumoured that Hathaway will die not through suicide but through a car accident or an accident of some sort.

Take these for what there worth but they all tie in Greene quiting because of his fathers death, the swerve of the ER in the fact that we all think Carter is going to die but instead it is Carol and it also sets up two possible things: 1) The possible sending of Doug's children to him 2) The possible of Doug actually returning for Carols funeral

Well thats it for today more stuff as I get it.

-- Mike (michaelgrant@lineone.net), March 29, 2000


Response to EEEK JUST FOUND OUT ER SEASON FINALE BIG SPOILER (Note is also on the Who Lives?,Who Dies? Who Quits? topic

The first two plots you mentioned I could live with...but Please don't let Carol die!!! If that happens I just may never watch ER again!

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), March 29, 2000.

Response to EEEK JUST FOUND OUT ER SEASON FINALE BIG SPOILER (Note is also on the Who Lives?,Who Dies? Who Quits? topic

The STAR is a cheap, total-rag tabloid that fabricates lies and posts them as news. They have also run stories about George Bush having secret meetings with aliens (accompanied by photographs). I wouldn't take any of this seriously. STAR doesn't have an inside track on anything except their own staff writers' imaginations.

-- Chessie King (chessieking@hotmail.com), March 29, 2000.

Response to EEEK JUST FOUND OUT ER SEASON FINALE BIG SPOILER (Note is also on the Who Lives?,Who Dies? Who Quits? topic

I think this should be put in the FAQ along with "What song was playing when Lucy and Carter were stabbed?" This is very OOOOOLD news. and nobody even know's it's for real or not. It's like, "YES, WE'VE READ THE STAR ALREADY THANK YOU"

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), March 29, 2000.

Response to EEEK JUST FOUND OUT ER SEASON FINALE BIG SPOILER (Note is also on the Who Lives?,Who Dies? Who Quits? topic

ROWW!!! a little catty arent we?

Jeez, I think Mike was only tryna do us a favor or at the very least start up some speculation. No need to get snoo-taay

I for one sure hope they find some way to help Carter that doesnt include cutting him up anymore. I know we havent really prooved that the pain he seems to feel is 100% physical but Im sure more rehab is not something he needs. Hopefully Kerry or even Dave (used to hate him, now I like him, go figure) can get through to him. Its a really dark period of his life and he needs friends.

-- Anna (azuraine@yahoo.com), March 29, 2000.

Response to EEEK JUST FOUND OUT ER SEASON FINALE BIG SPOILER (Note is also on the Who Lives?,Who Dies? Who Quits? topic

Whoa Debbie - No need to get so nasty with our UK neighbors. For your info, not everybody had heard this rumors. This wasn't old news to everybody. I found the speculations quite interesting.

-- B (barbelaine@hotmail.com), March 29, 2000.

Debbie is right. This "news" is several weeks old. This has been posted on here and many other ER boards and the newsgroup. There are several posts on this matter several threads down. On the newsgroup, mightybigtv.com boards, and the ertv.com boards, the entire article was posted. Those interested can check it out.

-- - (marcysux@aol.com), March 29, 2000.

The news of Carol possibly dying in a car wreck was news to me...I know they had mentioned her before dying of a suicide, but either I missed the car wreck news or it wasn't mentioned on the other posts. At any rate...I don't think they will kill her off. (at least I hope not)

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), March 30, 2000.

I am not being nasty. Just stating a fact.

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), March 30, 2000.

Would they really do the Carol/suicide thing again? I know it was a long time ago, but she loves her girls, I don't see her committing suicide. At any rate, I don't think they should kill her off at all. That would be a pretty stupid move by the writers.

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), March 30, 2000.

I really don't think they are going to "kill off" Carol Hathaway, if they did, it would be a major shocker.

As for Carter, I can't see him over dosing. It doesn't seem like it something Carter would do. In the epi. "Under Control", I don't know if it really appeared that he is going to have problems. Unless they are just leading up to it. Who knows. That is why the show is so good, they keep us guessing.

-- Paula (pbranden@dwave.net), March 30, 2000.

Okay, anyone who has not read the Star article and wants to, you can find it at http://expage.com/page/stararticle.

-- Carly (Butrcup583@aol.com), March 31, 2000.

I'm not sure why people seem convinced the self-medication hint by Noah Wyle was a smoke screen... because we don't see Carter on crutches or a cane in the 0.5-second snippets we see of him in the next preview? As for him sitting up on a counter - well, if I was taking painkillers surreptitiously, I'd be feeling my oats too. Certainly the new spoiler info for the April 13 episode implies that Carter is having problems on the job - treating patients poorly, misdiagnoses, rubbing another doctor (Chen) the wrong way... whatever the nature of the upcoming Carter storyline, doesn't seem like he's going to have a smooth road.

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), March 31, 2000.

Whatever way they deal with Carter - along with the trauma of being stabbed himself, it seems to me he would HAVE to experience some guilt over what happened to Lucy because he must realise/wonder that if he had paid more attention to her patient that day and listened when she tried to talk to him that maybe none of this would have happened and Lucy would still be alive.

-- Aisling (aweir@providenceresources.com), March 31, 2000.

IMO, the Carol Hathaway character is too popular to kill off. They tried that before and met with poor results, what on earth would possess them to try it again?

I'm wondering if maybe Carol and Carter develop some sort of a bond? Or deepend their bond -- these two, most likely, will be the major storylines in the next two months, why not work them together? Carter seems to be the first to congratulate Carol on the positive things in her life (the engagement to Doug, her pregnancy), and if you remember way back to Season 1, she (and Doug) was nice to him and seemed to give him a chance when Benton wouldn't. JMHO.

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), April 01, 2000.

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