Ever dealt with an long distance relationship?

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Even though it's (usually) totally worth it; did you ever deal with the downsides of a long distance relationship? (It's hell, isn't it?)

-- Jen (invisiblegirl@kittymail.com), March 28, 2000


Yep.. I've been with a guy named Aaron for over 5 months that I've known on the internet.

Sure it's hell.. but then you realize the more time you spend getting to know each other long-distance the closer you'll becom

-- Jenny (uhmm@dork.com), May 01, 2000.

I just started dating someone that i met off the net. all is going well but the time that we spend apart is hell. at times i find myself wondering if this is even worth the time that i have already put into this. who knows this may be the man of my dreams.

-- De (catteen16@yahoo.com), April 13, 2001.

The worst part of it all, for me, is not being able to be there when she needs me, and not having her be there when i need her. I just recently returned from a tour of north america and europe with a drum corps. On that tour i met the most wonderful, understanding girl i could have hoped for. We are totaly in love with each other. now that tour is over, we've been separated. She lives in canada, i live in buffalo ny. the distance beetween us is horrible. I cant stand not waking up to her face in the morning. I miss her so much. What can I do to keep this romance going? How can I show her I'm crazy about her from so far away?

-- Adrian-Asaf Guadalupe (asaf81@earthlink.net), August 16, 2001.

Yes! And do you know what? it hurts!!!

-- Neena (Joan@most-wanted.com), October 28, 2001.

i don't know why i didn't reply to this thread months ago. anyway, here's a story for ya: when i was 18 and living at a boarding school in northern michigan, i became involved with a man in florida who i met on the internet. when the relationship was good, things were great. the only time it seemed to be bad was when we were convinced that we were SO in love that it actually hurt to be so far apart. we "dated" by email, on irc, and by phone for quite a long time. we were so sure that we were perfect for each other and that we really knew enough about each other to be in love. we got along great all the time, and the next logical step was for us to meet "irl". with him being financially able to do so, he bought plane tickets for me to fly down to his house in tampa, where we had sex at least three times a day for the next two weeks, much to his delight. really, that's all he wanted me there for. oh, and to put on my bikini and take his arm so he could show me off to his friends with their yachts and six-figure incomes. it suited me fine at the time. i was 18, materialistic, and not looking for a major commitment. but looking back on it, the guy turned out to be a chauvenistic pig and if he had treated me that way online, i probably never would have gone for it. still, no regrets. i have met *dozens* of people irl who i knew on the internet first. i have taken a cross-country road trip with a coke-addicted stripper and her co-dependent best friend. my travels with netfriends have taken me to toronto, montreal, tampa, rochester, boston and beyond. and it has been my conclusion that no matter how long you chat or email or talk on the phone, it is impossible to get to know as much about a person's mannerisms, habits, personality, and temperment, as you can learn spending one day f2f with them. it's not always a bad thing, nor a good thing. what it comes down to is that no matter how well you think you know someone based upon their words alone, you're taking a major chance when you make any sort of emotional commitment without meeting them in person first.

-- emily (emilymarguerite@yahoo.com), October 30, 2001.

Its rather ironic..since I'm from the Tampa area myself. Thats where the similarity ends. I can't get through even a few days without hearing Jens voice...I'm jealous and possessive, I've never denied that, but I think of so many things with her different than your situation was. I want to buy furniture with her..and go to a library with her, and jusat sit and watch Seinfeld and eat macaroni and cheese. Yes I would like to have intercourse with her many times over...but I'd give anything ..including not ever having sex with her...just to have her company. Its very difficult for me being here and her beiing there...but I have faith and I love her very very much so I have all the hope in the world that it will work out.

-- Sam Giorgianni (sambo18@hotmail.com), October 31, 2001.

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