Poor sound Quality (Low Volume level)

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I fanally made my test VCD from my VCR. But my problem is poor sound quality or low volume during playback at my computer.

I have a Pentium 667MHZ, 128SDRAM PC 133, Creative SoundCard Vibra 128CT, AcerCRW8432A, Acer 10X DVDROM, ATI All-In-Wonder 128 32MB AGP bus.

The MPEG setting Audio Layer = 2 Fram Size = 352x240 Video Pack Size = 2324 Audio Bitrate = 224 kbits/s Frame Rate = 29.97 Audio Pack + Padding = 2324 Video Bitrate = 1150 kbits/s System clock reference = 1200 Last pack size = 2324 Total Bitrate = 1764

What will I do???



-- James Lugue (jclugue@datelnet.net), March 27, 2000


You can try increasing the gain on the audio input you capture with. for example, if you capture the audio portion through your line-in jack, go into the recording mixer and turn up the gain on the line-in channel. Some cards let you set this from within their capture drivers too.

You could also extract the audio track and convert it back to wave. Then you can use Goldwave or an audio production suite to clean up the audio track, convert it back and re-mux it.

If you're lucky it might even be in sync.

-- Sean (sean@magnuminvestments.com), March 29, 2000.

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