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Can someone tell me what are some of the things that can go wrong with a comp rope on a high speed pasenger elevator to cause it to come off its sheave. Thanks.

-- richie (, March 27, 2000


Comp ropes

If they are not equalized, one can come off the sheave. And if the shackles under the car or cwt are not secured with a length of cable or wood, if the nuts become loose or one cable is not sharing the load it will spin out and become longer. And usually jumps out or rips out. Also there is a rope made of hemp inside the cable that the cables are spun around and this has a lubricant in it that,under pressure of the sheave, eventually works itself out as a black tar like substace. This will build up in the sheave grouves creating bumps felt in the cab and you will see the cable jumping on the sheave. Also there is a deflector, to keep debris out of the sheave, this should be set as close as possible and if the cables become unequalized you will hear the cable rubbing the deflector...

-- Joe M... (, May 07, 2000.

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