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I found this on another message board and thought it was cute...You know you are obsessed with ER when..

1. You can instantly name any episode when given the tiniest detail 2. You take on mannerisms of the characters, e.g. hold your head at an angle, talk in an English accent 3. You wont stand anyone else but you saying anything bad about it 4. Your tape of Loves Labour Lost is actually developing static lines as a result of overuse 5. You tape every single episode and catalogue your tapes 6. You surf Ebay, looking for ER items 7. You set up an ER web page or club 8. You understand the medical terminology and can explain it to everyone else 9. You download the ER Emergency Code game and win it first time 10. You own the soundtrack, and often break into renditions of Healing Hands 11. You barricade yourself in and cut all lines of communication on Thursday nights 12. You imagine how you could get yourself into an episode of ER 13. You actually ENJOY trips to hospital 14. You deliberately stub your toe to go to the ER, intent on finding a Doug Ross look-a-like 15. You find the Doug Ross look-a-like and pretend to be younger so you can be treated by him 16. You spend your lessons doodling ER scenes and writing out quotes from the last episode instead of writing a critical review of the theatre production you had to go and see 17. You follow up everything you say with words like stat! 18. You use examples from ER when discussing health psychology in a lecture 19. You not only stay up to watch for ER adverts, but you tape them as well 20. You have an ER outfit that you wear every Thursday 21. You really, really want a pair of scrubs 22. You watch all awards ceremonies just in case an ER cast member happens to either get an award or present one 23. You answer the phone This is County, go ahead 24. You own a Macarena monkey 25. You spend your spare time trying to do wheelies in your grannys wheelchair 26. You have a big band-aid sticker on your bedroom door 27. You cry at the mention of Union Station 28. You are the only person on the dance floor at your cousins wedding when the band plays Tequila 29. You become convinced that Carter is a good doctor 30. You watch any old film if you see a cast members name in the credits 31. You tape any old film of you see a cast members name in the credits 32. You can recall parts of the script of an episode in vivid detail 33. You consider being a doctor or nurse 34. You notice how much the names move around on the staff lockers 35. You diagnose your own injuries before your doctor 36. Your doctor doesnt need to explain to you what an MRI is 37. You go and sit on the roof of your workplace and stare at the sky aimlessly, hoping someone else will come up and talk to you 38. You own every book on ER 39. You steal a childs toy stethoscope and parade around with it around your neck 40. You watch other hospital dramas and shout at the TV, telling them they are doing it wrong 41. You cant remember when ER didnt exist 42. Sometimes you miss Doug Ross so much that you cry 43. Sometimes you miss Susan Lewis so much that you cry 44. You cry thinking about Carols imminent departure 45. You refer to the first series of ER as the good old days 46. You consider writing your own ER book 47. You write a list like this 48. You have actually done the stuff in the list, not just made it up 49. You have canceled your subscription to HBO because you can't stand to hear anymore about the Sopranos 50. Your boyfriend/girlfriend threatens to dump you because you bring up your favorite ER character in every sentence 51. You call your best friend named Mark, Dr.Greene all the time 52. You e-mail the White House and ask why the State of the union is on Thursday 53. Your e-mail address or user name mentions ER and/or an ER character 54. You pass a hospital or ambulance, and the first thing you think of is ER 55. You hear the name Anthony, Noah, Alex, etc., and you turn your head to look just to make sure it's not them 56. You read the list 57. You read the list and can think of something to add to it

-- Jenna (, March 27, 2000


Jenna, Great list. I must admit that I appear to be obsessed with ER. Maybe I need a psych consult. Where's a doctor when you need one? lol

-- Carin (, March 27, 2000.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one out there that is obsessed with ER! I'm in front of the TV every night to get my fix of Noah Wyle! ER Rules!!!!

-- Jen (, March 27, 2000.

Should I be worried that 25 of the above are real for me?

-- Joseph (, March 27, 2000.

Way too many of those are true for me! :) Glad to know I'm not the only one - especially since my friends are sick and tired of me talking about ER!

-- kristal (, March 27, 2000.

I've honestly spent the better part of the last year racking my brain trying to figure out how I could play the part of a patient on ER. I'd even play a prostitute w/chronic P.I.D. if it would get me a recurring role...maybe I could drift thru singing songs from the 80's and let everyone try to guess who I am and why I'm there. Maybe I could wear a helmet and decorate the ER for special occasions / holidays or answer the phones while spinning around in the chairs.

-- Linda (, March 27, 2000.

CBC; chem 7; cross-and-match for 4; ET tube, 32 french- never mind.

-- Chris A. (, March 28, 2000.

How about-you find yourself saying things like-"that was SO Ramono", "Doug would have done it this way", "Carter!", etc. Oh-or you start actually calling your grandmother "Gamma"!! My family wants to certify me as addicted to ER. Oh, well....looks like I'm in good company!!! LOL

-- Bev (, March 28, 2000.

man oh man i need to be admitted!! i apply to 90% of these! crazy ! i mite need to see a doctor,hmmmmmm luka or mark? lol

-- rachel (, March 28, 2000.

I kept coming back to this thread to see the responses. Loved it! My favorite, BTW, is # 49. I tried to watch both THE SOPRANOS and SEX IN THE CITY on HBO and have to say that I didn't get it when they won all the Emmys last fall. They bored the snot out of me. Also loved #52, how dare those founding fathers, or whoever, putting the State of the Union address on Thursday nights. I always assume, it being in January, that the epi that night would have been a rerun anyway. Hey, it helps me accept! :)

-- Diana (, March 28, 2000.

Uh oh, I actually DO do all of that! Except for the fact that I already own two pairs of scrubs, and am looking for a pair of mint green, and I don't wear a kid's stethoscope, I stole my mom's!

-- Lisa (, March 29, 2000.

How about name season 1-6 in order with orginal air dates (I do not know anyone who can do this but if you can your are obsessed!:)

-- Patience (, March 30, 2000.

When you cook any recipe calling for Romano cheese, you refer to it as "troll cheese". [My cousin and I--both big ER fans--call Dr. Romano "the troll"]

-- Lilith (, May 04, 2001.

Oops, guess my cousin and I aren't too original...Elizabeth refers to Romano as "the troll" as well. My bad. . .

-- Lilith (, May 23, 2001.

How about You dress up as an ER characterfor halloween

-- Teddy (, August 08, 2001.

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