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I want a script to be run automatically when a tcl shell is started.

Looking at the "Tcl/Tk on Windows Frequently-Asked Questions", section D-6: Start-up Files tclsh.rc and wishrc.tcl: Tcl looks for ~/tclsh.rc, and wish looks for ~/wishrc.tcl. The tclsh.rc name is pretty inconsistent, and should probably be tclshrc.tcl. We don't use the .tclshrc form because it doesn't work on FAT filesystems. -Scott Stanton

However, on a Windows NT system, where does ~/tclsh.rc exist? Is it the current working directory, the current user's home directory, or something else? I've tried several locations without any success.

The simple test script (in a file named tclsh.rc) I've tried contains the following line: exec ls > junk.out

I've also tried using: load example.dll

I can execute the script from the tcl shell without any problems, but I cannot get it to automatically run when the shell is started.

Any ideas?

-- Chris Loflin (, March 27, 2000


I am uncertain where it resides - have you contacted the Windows FAQ author and asked there? Also, I believe there is a Windows specific mailing list to which you can subscribe; check at for subscription details.

-- Larry W. Virden (, March 28, 2000.

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