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I am going to be shooting proffesional skateboarding videos and I am wondering which camera to use I will be needing fast shutter speeds to achieve good clear slow motion and I may be shooting at night with a light, I will also be using a superwide or Fisheye lens of at least .42x. Any advice comments or complaints on any of these cameras would be appreciated.

-- Quinn Stevenson (, March 27, 2000


Check out the GL1, its top handle grip with record and zoom control might be just what you need. I bought one for rollerblading videos, and it is awesome, very light and great quality!

-- CJ Hanson (___cjhanson@wisemangrafix.com___), April 06, 2000.

Here's what you need to shoot skateboarding:

canon GL1 or sony VX2000 extra battery century .3 fisheye lens (don't shoot everything with it though) a small generator home depot work lights extension cords

You probably don't need the generator, but everyone is using them now, and the barely lit up shots don't cut it anymore. The wide angle is mandatory, but don't get stuck shooting every single shot with it. Don't get an XL1, they're way too cumbersome to shoot skating with. As for the GL1 or the VX2000, they're both good cameras. They each have a few things better than the other. Get what you can afford.

cory some skateboarders who will throw down some tricks

-- Cory (, June 26, 2001.

if your shooting for a video, you should not care if you don't have tech shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make your video one that is different with different editing style!!!!!!!!1


-- tommy brownell (, October 01, 2001.

I agree with the last guy, get it on tape. Of course the cleaner the better, but if you got a rider who throws down then who cares whether its on a 3 chip, 1 chip or 16mm camera.

Heres a link to a site where you can see a Northwest video show on borrowed equipment ranging from low end high 8 kto the vx 1000.

-- Shane Turpin (, January 30, 2002.

I use a cannon gl1 to film for a snowboard video called mayhem. I think that it is the best camera out there mainly because of the high quality florite lense. I hear the sony vx whatever is also a good camera to use aparently the chips are better in the sony but the lense is a little lower quality. As far as lenses go if you got cash to throw down for the century optics mark II lense then it is the way to go. It is a point 3 so you can get right in there. It is good for skating and shit.good luck with the filming. hoped it helped.

-- steven orange (, March 28, 2002.

go with the gl-1. i shoot skateboarding is great for lower shots with the handle and the record button.

-- Pickle Jackson Kosher (, August 27, 2002.

I just bought a vx2000 to shoot skateboarding, and in my experiences it has served me best out of all my camera's. If you intend to spend some good cash and live in the boston area buy it from hunts video. i saw it there when i was visiting, and i bought it there as well. Go with the century optics mark II lense for some good shots.

hope i could help, Nocab

-- Danny Nocab (, April 05, 2003.

If your going to be a pro in the business then you should already know the answer to this question considering the skate industry isnt just a show up and get hired type of place

-- Jame (, May 08, 2004.

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