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Did the ACL ever paint E7's in the purple/aluminum paint scheme with yellow handrails? How about any purple/aluminum units?

-- William C. Dusenbury (, March 27, 2000


As an addendum to my earlier post, I failed to mention that the purple and aluminum switchers and GP7s did in fact have yellow handrails running up the stair wells. The remainder of the railings running lengthwise along the hood was purple.

-- Tom Alderman (, March 29, 2000.

Bill, After looking through nearly 100 photos of purple E and F units, I found not a single shot of a purple engine with yellow handrails, except for the small "brakeman" grabs on the sides of the anticlimbers. Some of these seemed to be purple in the earlier shots, but many were repainted yellow. But there was no evidence of any vertical grabirons in yellow paint - they were ALL purple.

-- Tom Alderman (, March 28, 2000.

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