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I am looking for some information about a train wreck at Old Fort NC back on Feb. 23,1975. It involved a GP-30 and GP-35 at least. I have been told that it may have been Train #224. These two engines were made into slugs after the wreck. Does anyone know about this wreck or where I can find out about the wreck. I have already checked the local library and had no luck.


-- Gregory Soots (, March 26, 2000


Don't tell them I gave you this number but call 864-255-4251 which is the division eng. and I work for him he might get pissed pardon my french.But someone in the office can help you, call on a tues.or weds and he want be there but someone will answer and give you the info I am sure.By the way we call them derailments not wrecks.Car and trucks have

-- frecrick wayne eason (, February 10, 2001.

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