Editing off an Apple G3 Powerbook

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Just a few hints if you are thinking about the G3 Powerbook, by Apple. I got mine with the thought of running Final Cut Pro on it. Final Cut Pro needs more RAM than the Powerbook comes with (64.) Final Cut needs 128 to run properly. There are any number of places out there that you can get more RAM and it's very easy to install yourself. Directions are provided in the Apple users manual on how to do this. You also need Sound Manager 3.6.3 to run Final Cut. The G3 Powerbook comes with 3.6.2. I was told by Apple to download 3.6.3 for free from their site. I've only had the laptop for about a week, so if anything comes up, I'll post something else. If anyone has any comments, experience with, or can help me out with this matter, I'd like to hear from you.

Paul Disney

-- Paul Disney (pkjdiz@hotmail.com), March 26, 2000

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