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Hello again been to busy didn't have time to get on line and of course I have a question. The ladies (My roadys and bantams ) are about to move into there new condo. I think I'm going to have to clip there wings so they don't fly over the fence so how high do i put there roost and nest box off the coop floor. I know I'll have to roost up some as they grow just wondering where to start. They are about 4 week old and are fully featherd except on there heads. Thanks toall your help their healthy and happy oh tea and our bird dog has taken them under her wing (so to speak) thanks again and in advance for all your help and look forward to reading your replys!

stuck on the sidewalk Shaun

-- shaun cornish (, March 26, 2000


My roosts are at 40 inches(not to say that is correct) but we used a box to let them jump up there when they were weee little hens and cocks. as time went by they went in the hen house to the interior ones and the free rangers used the 40 inch outdoor ones and the cock of the walk used the roof. We havea wild cat around who used to sleep under the roosts but he never got any of them at the 40 inch height.

-- Joel Rosen (, March 26, 2000.

Shaun, I wish I could give you a better answer but all my chicken books are still packed away. We had some chicks one time that we gave roosts to when they were very young. When we butchered them, they had deformed breastbones. The books say they shouldn't roost until their bones have hardened up- I don't know exactly when that is. Maybe someone else can help me out here. As far as height , ours get up to the rafters at about 10 feet. The higher they can get the happier they are.

-- Peg (, March 26, 2000.

Anything that will get them off the floor is OK. Put the "first" roost 2' off the floor, with others (not directly above) another foot or so above the one below. They'll go as high as you want, but with clipped wings, don't expect them to go much more than about 2'. And by the way, when you "clip" their wings, only clip one wing! It makes them unbalanced (much like their owners) and unable to fly. Clip both and they will still fly, tho' poorly. Good luck!


-- Brad (, March 26, 2000.


We use an old wooden ladder propped up against the wall of their coop. We have banties and full sized chickens and everybody seems to find a level that they like.


-- Amy (, March 27, 2000.

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