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I received a few paperwhite bulbs for Christmas, planted them, enjoyed them and am now wondering if there is any way to keep the bulbs to replant later and, if so, how I go about doing this...?...

Thanks, Cathy

-- Cathy (, March 26, 2000


I think we had a topic on this a while back ... basically, you need to fertilize them while the leaves are still green, then let them die back. Don't cut the greenery off; just put it somewhere where you don't have to look at it, and stop watering it until the leaves die on their own. Then you can plant the bulbs in the garden, or stick the whole pot in a cool dark spot like a garage or basement for a few months. Pull them back out in the fall, water them and give them some light, and you may get a second bloom.

I haven't been successful getting a second bloom while they're still in the pot, though. I plant them outside and buy new ones for the next year.

-- Beth (, April 10, 2000.

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