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Here's your chance to overrule the Gameboy! :)

Well what do you think? Keep the leeching or make this a game of skill and stop the leeching?

From what I'm hearing you can't keep leeching all game long - but you all might know that I try to keep MARP into as skillful of a state as possible. Maybe we should enforce a 5 lives + no extras rule?

I await your opinions - thanks :) GB9

-- Gameboy9 (, March 26, 2000


5 lives and no extra seems very fair!!!!!!!! :-)

-- Game Guru (, March 26, 2000.

I'd be ok with 5 lives and no extras, except that it doesn't seem possible - the least the dipswitches will allow is receiving one extra life at 50k or 100k.

-- BBH (, March 27, 2000.

My opinon to this talk about the leeching is that it is hard to draw a line where it is real leeching or just a part of the game.. When you play Ghost4s & Goblins for example i think that it is a part of the gameplay to get as many points as possible out of the levels and of course get som e extra points on level 3. I really don4t think that is leeching.. BUT if you collect 100k by shooting zombies at level 3 and you get more extras than you die THEN it is real leeching i think! Another example is psychic5 where you can score amazing points at the end of the game depending on how many men you have left... But i played like that in the arcade and it was a part of the game... Please tell me your opinons about this cause this is just MY opinon and I will of course follow the rules that are present at this great site.

ps i think that the admins on this site doing a great job keeping all of this together and i4m glad to be a part of the uploadings here!

Cheers folks!

-- QRS (, March 28, 2000.

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