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Gentlemen, can anyone tell me about the former ACL-SAL junctions at Chester and Lynch, VA? I understand that SAL crossed overhead at one location and ACL crossed overhead at the other. I'm particularly looking for information on depots, towers, interchange tracks (if any), or any other interesting features of each line in these two areas. Thanks in advance for your help! JG

-- John Golden (, March 26, 2000


In 1993 the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia published a "Pictorial History of Chesterfield County Virginia 1860 to 1960". It contains a picture of the Chester ACL station 1915, Chester SAL station 1914, Drewry's Bluff ACL station 1925, an ACL steam passenger train (1917) passing under a auto or railroad bridge in Chester.

-- Randall Bass (, April 27, 2000.

The ACL location of the "Lynch" connection was called South Dunlop.

-- Doug Riddell (, March 30, 2000.

The SAL crossed over the ACL at Chester, Va., and went under the ACL at Colonial Heights(Lynch?). There is a photo of the SAL station at Chester on page 44 of Bill Griffin's book, ALL LINES NORTH OF RALEIGH, A History Of The SAL's Virginia Division ( The station closed in 1931 and was torn down in 1938. While the SAL had a station at Lynch, it appears to have been gone by 1935. I have found no record of the ACL having a station called Lynch, the closest being Colonial Heights.

-- Tom Underwood (, March 26, 2000.

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