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well, i hope the answer to this isnt too involved....i am ready to try a couple of different developers that i found i have access to , namely: hc110, microdol x (?), sprint, and ID -11... normally i use good ol' d-76. is there really a noticeable benefit to any of these developers over d-76 (shadow detail, sharpness, etc), or can i achieve similar results by altering my currnent develpment routine? as always, thanks for your help, its much appreciated!!! take care. Jerry

-- jerry hazard (hazard01@earthlink.net), March 26, 2000


If you can get hold of _The Film Developing Cookbook_ by Anchell and Troop; Focal Press, ISBN 0-240-80277-2) you will get a good idea about differences in developers. However, the best thing would be to go ahead and try them! Shoot the same sort of pictures, and process with each developer. Keep everything else as much the same as possible.

What format are you using? What type of film? It makes a difference in what you want a developer to do.

What _is_ your current development routine?

D-76, often at 1+1, has been the most popular developer for many years. ID11 is a D-76 version, only very slightly different because the two-envelope packaging allows them to leave a couple of preservatives (stabilizers?) out. HC110, particularly in dilution B, has a slightly different look; to me, it seems a little grainier, a little sharper and more contrasty- another classic look. I used Microdol-X quite a bit at one time; to me it is now too "mushy." I haven't used Sprint chemistry. I seems that it would be convenient, and it is supposed to be less smelly and toxic.

When you get your results and your own feelings on these developers, please post them back. You can have some fun with this!

-- Paul Harris (pharris@neosoft.com), March 26, 2000.

The book that Paul Harris refers you to is excellent. As for developers, I would encourage you to try Xtol, which I am very impressed with. Dilutions of 1+2 and 1+3 are very good. It has given better results than Microdol-X which I used in 1+3 for years, and better than my memory of D-76 from years ago. --Sam Elkind

-- Sam Elkind (sselkind@home.com), March 26, 2000.

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