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hey whatsup fellow er fans!! i just really started watching this show about 3 months ago and i also watch the reruns on tnt, and i have some questions 1. in one of the first episodes, why did carol try to kill herself? 2.i am obsessed about carter and i was wondering if anyone had any good recent pics of carter w/ lucy. i am also obsessed about how lucy died that was so sad!!!!!!!!! does anyone also have any pics of lucy w/ carter thanx anyway i think it is so wrong that lucy isn't even mentioned in any of the new episodes its like it never happened well i gotta go email me for some input and some good pics and good er websites thanx

-- melanie (, March 25, 2000


In the beginning of the show, Carol & Doug had just ended a rocky two- year relationship. While Doug felt very guilty about her suicide attempt, she later told him there were other things going on her life than just him -- though it still has been hinted at that Doug was * part* of the reason (at the time he was a skirt-chasing, womanizing filanderer with a drinking problem). The truth? We'll never really know for sure.

-- Leigh (, March 25, 2000.

I don't think Carol and Doug had broken up RIGHT before her suicide attempt--remember, she was already dating Tag by then. My impression is that she had a problem with depression which Doug probably exacerbated but would have been there anyway.

Melanie, as far as mentions of Lucy go, how long do you expect them to keep talking about her? She was mentioned significantly in the show following her death, when Carter was beginning to recover. By this last show, Carter had recovered enough to go back to work, so it must be some weeks later. Life goes on. You do your mourning, and continue with life, and if this were reality, by now her coworkers would have moved on, although not forgotten her. I think the show is very realistic that way. In any case, it's clear that Carter IS still troubled and hasn't put her behind him.

-- Mary (, March 25, 2000.

I agree with Mary about the Lucy deal. When the time is right I am sure she wil be mentioned again. I mean when someone dies from your workplace you will never forget about it.

-- Splash (, March 26, 2000.

Was Carol already dating Tag when the show started? I haven't seen the pilot in a long time, but I thought she started dating him later on in the first season.

-- Polly (, March 26, 2000.

She was dating an "orthopod" who was an ex-college football player. While it was never officially clear that it was Tag, it was supposed to be (we know he's an orthopedic surgeon and he played college football, with Wild Willie, in fact). Carol says to Doug, "He was there for me before it happened {suicide attempt}. When it happened." So, yes, she was dating Tag. Julianna Margulies said she did not want the suicide attempt to be solely about a man (Doug) and so they left it vague.

-- Phyl (, March 26, 2000.

It occurred to me when Carol found out she was pregnant, she sounded like she expected to miscarry. It made me wonder if that had had something to do with her suicide attempt.

-- Steph (, March 26, 2000.

About Carol: In the pilot episode Benton introduces Carol to Carter and Carter stares after her. Benton says something about her being great but she's going with an orthopod (?) who looks like king kong. I guess that was supposed to mean Tag, but that doesn't fit too well. Then after her OD Susan tells someone that her fiancee didn't know anything about why she did it either and says they were supposed to get married that summer. Although this doesn't make much sense because Carol doesn't announce their engagement until "Blizzard". Since at the time of the series premiere the producers hadn't intended on keeping her alive, they must have just overlooked it.

About Lucy: I realize that they can't keep bringing her up forever, but eventually they will need to deal with Carter's feelings about how they interacted that day, about seeing her lie I the only one who thinks it would be rather traumatizing to see your med student lying across from you with her eyes open, bleeding to death? They had a whole show about how Carter felt about Dennis Gant's death, I don't think it would be inappropriate for some mention of Lucy, bring the old Carter back.

-- Elaine (, March 26, 2000.

Kerry asked Carter if he was seeing someone about "what happened" and he said yes.....we can only wonder if that is true or not. So perhaps Carter's feelings are going to be dealt with primarily off show with a counselor.

-- Deb (, March 27, 2000.

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