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I was just reading some threads about Mark being a good teacher Etc. and while this really has nothing to do with it I was wondering if anybody else noticed the "expression" on Carter's face when Mark said that they were going to do rounds starting in Exam Trhee. To me it looked like Carter was scared of going in that room and that he was trying to avoide going there. And note that not at all in this episode (I think) do we see Carter in Exam Three. Do you guys see where I'm coming from?

Another thing did anyone really feel for Carter? I did, in the scene where he goes to his locker and his cruthes fall over and he has to pick them up. In that scene I could just imagine the pain and the funny thing is that when he bent over my face scrunched up in pain and sympathy.

Does anyone have any comments to add to this?


-- Amy (, March 25, 2000


Carter didn't go into the exam 3, 'cause he told Mark he had an o'd coming in. I think he wanted to avoid it, and I was glad Mark gave him the oppotunity to decline. Eventually Carter's going to have to go in there and "face the music", so to speak.

The rings under Carter's eyes when he was talking w/Kerry underscored how hard emotionally & physically it was for him. While I was glad he owned up to his "gamma" how hard it was, he should've told Kerry. His co-workers can help or find a way to help.

-- AmyE (, March 25, 2000.

When does Mark say they will be doing rounds starting in Exam 3? I know he asks Carter to join them on rounds and instead he goes to get the OD trauma, but he doesn't say anything about Exam 3. Is it a different time?

Anyways, I do think they need to address the fact that he was STABBED, and therefore should be a little freaked out. I realize people don't really know what to say in these situations, but Kerry was the only one who seemed to think Carter needed to talk to someone about not just the pain, but the traumatic event. And if you notice, his answer was very vague, possibly foreshadowing that he HASN'T talked about it, and eventually will need to. I realize a lot is to be assumed to have gone on in the few weeks between episodes, but returning to the scene of the crime should be hard on him too. The one thing I did notice is that he seemed jumpy every time someone came up behind him (Deb, Benton, Carol), but it wasn't too subtle.

-- Elaine (, March 26, 2000.

I thought it was fairly obvious that Carter was lying to Kerry about having talked to someone. He did not give her a straightforward verbal answer to any of her questions. And clearly the question about if he had talked to anyone about what happened, was upsetting to him and he couldn't even make a verbal answer, just a nod.

-- debbie (, March 26, 2000.

Hi I'm back. I just wanted to comment about the talk that Kerry and Carter had. I was going to ask if anyone noticed (you probably did) that the expression on Carter's face (to me) while Kerry was trying to talk to him. It looked as if Carter was about to say something really rude like "I'm fine and will you please get out of my face." It was like he just wanted to put the whole situiation out of his mind. He also looked physically exuasted and emtionally drained from his first day back, which he probably was.

Thanks for listening to me ramle on and thaks for your opinions, keep them coming.


P.S I was so happy to see Gamma. I love her character.

-- Amy (, March 26, 2000.

It wasn't 'exam 3' was it, I thought it was 'curtain 3' that the stabbing occurred in

-- Teddy (, August 08, 2001.

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