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---------------- Begin Forwarded Message ---------------- Date: 11/7/1998 10:28 AM Received: 11/7/1998 10:29 AM From: Eddie Pons, To: Eddie Pons,

Subject: ! Call to action! Wake up America! Sent: 11/7/98 10:28 AM Received: 11/7/98 10:29 AM From: Eddie Pons, To: Eddie Pons,

Subject: Call to action! Wake up America! Sent: 11/6/98 11:33 PM Received: 11/6/98 11:33 PM From: Eddie Pons, To: Eddie Pons,

Subject: Call to action! Wake up America!

Please forward this "extremely important message" to all your E-mail friends! Through geometric progression, all Americans will read this message in a very short time! We must warn as many people as we can!

************************************************************************* OK folks! This is a wake up call! This is a call to action! You cannot afford to keep the blinders on any longer! It's time to stop being complacent! It is time to take your head out of the sand! Your very lives are at stake!

There is very little time left for you and your family to prepare for the biggest catastropy in this world's history! (next to the great flood during Noah's time).

Most of you have heard of the Y2K Computer Crash. But most of you (95%) have not investigated the problem and have just relied on the Media and News Papers to keep you informed about the problem. However, the Media cannot tell you the truth! They cannot afford to start a nationwide panic! So all their reports are very low key and not very alarming.

On the Internet, two US Senators have sounded the alarm! Senator Moynihan (NY) and Senator Bob Bennet (Utah) predict that Electric Companies will not have their Computers Y2K compliant on January 1, 2000. Senator Bennet used the words "The end of Western Civilization" and "Back to horse and buggy days, WITHOUT horse and buggy's" in his speech before the Senate. They have predicted civil unrest, riots, hungry marauding gangs and Martial Law.

Senator Bennet received a brochure from his bank indicating that they are now Y2K compliant. Senator Bennet just happened to be friends with a Computer Programmer, who is on that Bank's Computer repair teams. The real truth came out and the Senator learned that they will NOT be compliant in 2000. The Banks cannot afford to tell the truth! They have to prevent a run on the banks at all cost! Even if it means lying to their customers!

The Main Problem is Electricity. It has two strikes against it. Many Electric Companies have not even started to repair their computers yet. They are still analizing the problem with less than 14 months left at this time!

108 Nuclear Power Plants have received orders to shut down the last week in December of 1999. They do not dare leave them running during 2000. This will cause an "enormous overload" on all the other systems, because they are all interconnected. It will be like falling dominoes just before Y2K.

This happened in Auckland, New Zealand in 1997, when a Substation went down and caused an overload and like dominoes all the other systems went down. It took them 4 1/2 months to fix it!!! That is four and a half months!!!

On the Internet you can learn everything about the Y2K problem. Check out Website He has over 3000 links concerning the Y2K computer crash.

You will find a General Motors Website that tells how they advanced their computer clock into 2000 while they were on strike summer of 1998. While their clock was in 2000, NOTHING would work! They could not turn on their Robot Welding Machines! The GM Management used the words "Catastrophic"! It takes over 5000 suppliers to build a car. We will not see new cars for many years after Y2K.

On the Gary North Website you will learn about a Canadian Banker who predicts that a BILLION people worldwide will die from hunger, thirst or cold! In fact Gary North predicts that half the US population will die, mostly in the big cities where foodstorage is not practiced.

You will find websites from Grocery store owners who predict EMPTY grocery store shelves in the summer of 1999, because of PANIC buying!

Several Computer Programmers Y2K views are at:

You will find Ed Yourdon, a Senior Computer Programmer's Y2K Website He sold his New York City apartment and moved to Taos, New Mexico. Does he know something that you don't know? He has written about 25 books on Computer Technology. One of them is called "Time Bomb 2000". He has a pretty good idea what will happen during Y2K. He predicts that ALL large US cities will be like Beirut, Lebanon. He predicts hungry marauding gangs and riots and looting. When people have not eaten for many days, they will become like animals. When truckers attempt to deliver food into the big cities, the hungry gangs will attack these trucks and kill the driver and run off with the food. After that happens, no trucker in his right mind will deliver anymore food into the big cities!

Folks, it is time to investigate the Y2K problem and then act accordingly! Anybody who claims that the problem will not be too bad, has not investigated the problem in earnest. The smart thing to do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst! You owe it to your children and family to prepare for the worst. Their very lives are at stake!

You must start preparing now, before the run on the banks and exodus out of the Stock Market and before the "stampede" to the grocery stores! These events will start summer of 1999. You must have everything prepared BEFORE the stampede!

If 2000 is a cold winter, and you do not have a wood stove and firewood, your house will get cold enough to freeze water pipes. When they thaw out, you will have a flood!

Print up some of Gary North's Y2K pages and warn your neighbors. Hungry neighbors can be an enormous burden to you! Empty your Savings Account now and get out of the Stock Market now, and buy Silver coins and one ounce round Silver coins. You will be able to barter with them! At this time Silver is below $5 an ounce. This is a bargain! These are wholesale prices! In 2000 the price of Silver and Gold will go ballistic! This is the best way to preserve your wealth!

Please forward this message to all your E-mail friends and help save their lives! Print this message and give to your friends, family and neighbors!

Perhaps this message may start a panic. But what is worse, a panic now, while we can still prepare and save lives, or a panic after 2000 when it is too late to prepare? Procrastination will cause you to pay high prices and stand in long lines in the summer of 1999. You must act now or suffer the consequences! Right now a 50 pound bag of rice costs only $10.50 and a fifty pound bag of beans costs only $15.50 These are bargain prices! You may need several hundred pounds!

Some Computer Programmers on the Internet predict that it can take as long as ten years to repair all the Computers. If Electricity shuts down for several months or maybe even a year, we will have a worldwide economic collapse that can take years to turn around. World War II finally got us out of the Great Depression!

It would be wise to stock up on the following: Food storage, candles, warm clothing and blankets, sleeping bags, long johns, warm socks and gloves, firewood, propane for cooking, a Coleman Propane Camping Stove ( be sure to buy a special hookup to fit the large Propane tanks), matches,toilet paper, bikes, cash, silver coins, bartering items, garden seeds and non-hybrid garden seeds, garden tools, extra shoes and coats to last several years, firearms, extra food in case family moves in with you, a porta-potty in case the sewage system shuts down, cash oput pension and retirement funds and convert to gold and silver coins and revert back into a retirement fund after Y2K is over, with gold and silver at bargain prices you will multiply your retirement fund by many times in 2000, etc, etc. You must purchase all these items NOW! If you wait until summer of 1999, you will not be able to get them!

You cannot afford to be skeptical. You owe it to yourself and your family and children to protect them against any possible disaster! May you see the wise reasoning to prepare for the worst, JUST IN CASE!

----------------- End Forwarded Message -----------------

-- dirty rotten scoundrel (, March 25, 2000


Can you all believe that we actually really believed all this crap only just a few months ago?????

-- dirty rotten scoundrel (, March 25, 2000.

Can you believe there are STILL people that buy into this crap.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 25, 2000.

I detect the fine hand of a troll at work here. Speak for yourself, dirty. Most of us did not buy Gary North's pitch hook, line and sinker. There are many degrees of preparedness.

-- (Always@be.prepared), March 25, 2000.


You are obviously a North Shill or not aware of the situation. Your message would be received better here:

Collection of true believers

They will discuss your message [unless, of course, that is your home].

Can you believe?

Didn't then and don't now.

Best wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, March 25, 2000.

Who gives a rat's ass? It's over, thank God.

-- Lars (, March 25, 2000.

Not again! Wasn't that already posted here once? Go away!

-- gilda (, March 25, 2000.

LL posted yesterday that she was preparing a surprise for the forum...BWAHAHAHA!!! (Big surprise, huh?)

-- (She will @lways.spam), March 25, 2000.

(She will @lways.spam) you're so transparent, you're an EZboarder cult member still waiting for this forum to die. Why cult member? Because of your "BWAHAHAHA" Milne style. You're probably Hawk. He has a thing for LL and Milne.

This thread definitely wasn't started by LL's own transparent style. Only cult member doomers spam here.

-- (, March 25, 2000.

Weeeell, Dr. Freud,

Since you find strangers so transparent, try to fit this into your black and white world. I call Yourdonefor's new pit the SLEAZYbored, and I've never registered there (I don't think I'm on the banned list, but I might be). Only doom zombies spam here? BWAHAHAHA!! Pay attention, Sherlock! No wonder you became a doom disciple.

Just curious...who or what are you hiding FROM? Time to come out of the bunker, don't you think?

-- (She will @lways.spam), March 25, 2000.

I don't care if people believe or not. It is better to have more in your shelves than not. When the 1929 panic hit people were hit without food and didn't know how to cope. It is better to know know to take care of yourselfves with out asking others.

-- ET (, March 26, 2000.

people this is a joke. notice the similarity between Eddie Pons, and ponzi scheme? the "Eddie" that resembles "eddy" yourdon? the "pons" without the "K"?

I won't go into the "soft" part. the doomists are embarrassed enough.

-- conspiracy theorist (deh@is.comin'!), March 27, 2000.

A bunch of different responses, to be sure.

Um, I thought the point of this post was a trip down memory lane - like, "oh those crazy days, can you believe we were really like this ?" - he as much as says so. Much the same thing as going back post-2000 and reading the posts in the early Gary North discussion groups - that is what we used to call a "trip" - as Doc Schenker did in part of his "11.5 Doomer" series. Even if you didn't precisely identify with all the stuff said here, you have to admit that there was a certain shall I say, atmosphere about, during those times.

Sometimes when you get far enough away from something in your past, then vivid recall is like watching a movie in your head. Can be instructive! Or at least you will have some kind of experience - like the world-weary 17 year old reading her own diary, thinking what a babe in the woods she was at 13.

OK, enough out of me!

-- Debbie (, March 27, 2000.

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