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-After Under Graduate school Where should I go for graduate school under this subject? -How long does it take for this study to be completed in school? -Actually what do conscious transpersonal psychologist do? -About how much is average salary for a transpersonal psychologist? -With what kind of problems would a person go to a transpersonal Psychologist for?

It would be so kind if you could answer these questions for me. I am a senior in high school and I have a passion for helping others get rid of the worst sickness there is, THE SICKNESS OF THE MIND. THANK YOU MICHELLE THORNE

-- michelle antionette thorne (maestroswitch@hotmail.com), March 25, 2000


most of the work done in transpersonal psychology is on a spirtual level agong many others levels, i do not know where you are from but i would sugget that you call David Joy at Burlington College, 802-862- 9616. good luck

-- Paulette Aileen Smith (psmith@quest-net.com), May 24, 2000.

Hi Michelle, There are a few good schools that offer graduate training in transpersonal psychology: some of them that come to mind are, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; Naropa Institute, John F. Kennedy University; Saybrook Institute and Graduate School. There are other schools in which you can study transpersonal psychology under the direction of a faculty member who specializes in transpersonal topics, e.g., John Davis, Ph.D. at (I think) Denver State University. You can discover what they do by reading the books "Paths Beyond Ego" bu Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan or "Integral Psychology" by Ken Wilber. Transpersonal Psychogists take the approach that the personal dimension is more than the egoic level of development and includes the spiritual dimension. They tend to view all of human nature as moving toward the development of more TRANS-personal qualities which they see as a normal step in individual evolution. They also usually make a clear distinction between the religious versus spiritual, leaning more toward a view that encompasses the entire range of perennial wisdom traditions. For more information, email me or visit my website at http://www.lajoie.org where I have a comprehensive list of transpersonal psychology resources. I hope this helps!

-- Dr. Denise H. Lajoie (dlajoie@lajoie.org), December 15, 2000.

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