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After watching "Getting to know you" on TNT tonight I was wondering if Lucy ever quit taking the ridalin (sp?)? I know that she attempted in this episode, but at the end of the episode she popped another pill. I can't remember if it was addressed at all the beginning of season six. I was also thinking that the statement that Lucy makes about the only way she could be good enough was to be a mirror image of Carter was very interesting.

-- Emma (, March 24, 2000


Seems to me she mentioned to him in the season opener that she was off of ritalin. Can anyone back me up on this or am I dreaming?

-- Linda (, March 24, 2000.

Yes, I think she told Carter out of the blue "I'm off ritalin" and he said "good" and that was it. i have no idea what epi that was in!

-- amanda (, March 25, 2000.

She did tell him during "Getting to Know You" that she was off ritalin. But later in the epi, after she'd messed up so much--like being late to see her juvenile psych patient Seth--she popped one in the lounge, washing it down with a handful of water from the sink. I don't know if she went off it in Season Six, but that's how I think Season Five ended.

-- Diana (, March 25, 2000.

No. I don't think she ever went off of it totaly. Because at the end of the episode she pops one in. And in"Leave it to Weaver" (6 season opener) she never said anything about it.

-- Stephanie (, March 25, 2000.

I think they might have decided it was a bad storyline, and like many other storylines/characters, they just got rid of it without an explanation, which is good too, because I thought that was the worst storyline of ER. Actually, no, it could have been okay, but they made her look so ridiculous in that last season episode, with her screwing up and then giving Carter some childlike tangent as to how he wouldn't help her and how he never liked her. It made her character weak. It also made Carter look arrogant about ADD (which seems to have bothered a lot of adults with ADD; there is even an article about ER giving bad impressions of ADD) In one episode this took away Carter's growing mutual respect and concern for Lucy into intolerance for her. I love the characters of Carter and Lucy, so I feel sort of strongly about this!

-- Elaine (, March 26, 2000.

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