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Today is 24MAR00, and nobody I know personally is doing anything to prepare anymore. They don't care. They scoffed at Y2K, and they scoff when I warn them that Wall Street will crash unexpectedly. They are not prepared for any hardships because they don't believe there will be ANY hardships. Nope. The good times will continue on and on...

This morning I received my shipment of Potassium Iodate tablets for contingency plans in case of nuclear attack.

The *supreme* optimism of public sentiment mandates a continual exegesis of unfettered prosperity. Anathema to the naysayers...

I plan on ordering some more roots, tubers and seeds to expand my food survival plot out in the country. I'm quite aware that there will be a potentially SEVERE DROUGHT which will devastate America.

I feel quite alienated in my preparations. I want to continue doing more things, but I don't have anyone else who has expressed any interest. No neighbor or friend inspires me. They are so apathetic. THEY DON'T GIVE A RAT'S @$$!

Have you encountered similar congenital apathy?

-- dinosaur (, March 24, 2000


Dino, you can't hardly blame people for being apathetic for not wanting to prepare any more. I think people want to get on with their lives and enjoy live as we know it. We've been through a tremendous amount of stress the past few months and I don't know anyone who wants to even think about doing it all over again. It's good to be prepared for the basic disasters (flood, hurricane, tornadoes, earthquakes), but to prepare for something such as a nuclear attack, depression, etc., are only predictions like Y2K -- the chances are slim that it's going to happen and to get people thinking in that direction of preparation is nil.

-- been there done that (beentheredonethat@beenthereee.xcom), March 24, 2000.


I think that those of us that did some prepping last year will just "stay that way". Why not? This is an uncertain world.

And as for those who think its wine and roses ad infinitum....well, I don't give a rodents rear what they think.

-- tc (, March 24, 2000.

Where I to guess (and I'm sorry if I'm wrong) I suspect that this is a Troll.

But -- my advice (if you need it) is give it up. There's nothing wrong with being prepared. But not to the extent you discribe.

-- E.H. Porter (Just, March 24, 2000.


What is this Troll Scheisse bit? I ain't no stinkin' Troll, dude! Get over it! I'm only posting for serious responses. If you want to muffle this forum with inane banter, then that's your choice, not mine.

-- dinosaur (, March 24, 2000.

I see an America which does not care, is not aware, will not prepare and so shall share in suffering. Too many people are complacent and lazy to notice the warning signs. They are still asleep...

Who will awaken them before it is too late?

-- dinosaur (, March 24, 2000.

I see a nation which cannot feed itself, which knows not how to garden and husband resources. I see a nation which cannot clothe itself with woven garments. I see a nation which cannot sweat to produce sustenance and provide healthful fulfillment.

I see a spoiled nation ripe for judgment.

-- dinosaur (, March 24, 2000.

dinosaur-In answer to your question...We started dipping into our preps more or less immediately. After having a month to reflect (and relax) and being grateful I still had satellite tv and running water, that uneasy feeling returned. I started to restock the pantry and it will stay that way from now on. It's not that by continuing I would feel a lesser fool. I just think that somehow I've received a warning. I don't know yet what for. I also think many others have and choose to ignore it, or worse belittle it. I can only wish them well and hope that they are the prophets of truth. Anyway, you're not alone...

-- Gia (, March 24, 2000.

Sometimes, I think I'm a hardcore polly because I'm alone, I don't eat much, or have too many bills.

I love crackers!!!


-- (Ladylogic@...), March 24, 2000.

Dear Dino, this has been the wildest, Roller Coaster experience I have lived through. I am weary of the turmoil. I sat through the most dreaded of times, midnight from roll over of 1999 to 2000. I was on the Internet, with flash light within reach. What a comic sight, to pass on to my Grandchildren. Pantry food was over flowing. while pockets were empty. I am giving up this food thing. I am trying to hook up with a local Food Kitchen to pass my surplus, to those who will use it. 100 pounds of Grits? For a morning meal, I hope they will accept it. I placed the grain in the freezer to kill the bugs, after all, I thought it would be my own family, eating same. If they won't accept the food offering, what else can I do, in this lifetime?

-- Alone (, March 24, 2000.

Depression? Ha Ha hehe

Y2K? Sheesh, what pikers.

You want a real scare? Spend a couple of hours here:

Oil Production Peak

Or spend some time reading the energy articles here:

Energy Articles

Or look up the RunningOnEmpty discussion group on

Make you want to run right out to Costco....and go long on oil.


"Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know." ---M. King Hubbert

-- (, March 24, 2000.


I think something will happen over the summer with electrical outages. No kidding we will be having water problems and should be prepped for that. I want to get a solid block carbon filter and use with a ceramic filter for everyday. I don't know when the crazy market will crash. It's demented.

-- Mara (, March 25, 2000.

You are not alone, Dino. I plan to stay prepared. I remember my grandparents talking about the Depression and how miserable it was. I think most people don't believe, or don't want to believe it could happen again.

-- Jeanne (, March 25, 2000.

The late 1920s and the late 1990s economically have much in common. Another depression? My opinion is that the stock market is going to crash, but I don't know when.

Best advice: get out of debt. A civil service job might not be a bad idea either...

-- Be prepared for (, March 25, 2000.

Hi Dino,

I have a hard time imagineing someone that only follows the Redcross guidelines for preps... a flash light, an extra battery, a box of bandaids and 3 days food?!!!!!!!!.... Who in there right mind only has 3 days food in the house?... in the best of times?

Guess that's the real definition of a Polly, or a Grass hopper.......

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 25, 2000.

-- (
Janu@ry.2000), March 25, 2000.


-- (Janu@ry.2000), March 25, 2000.

Dino, I will always stay prepared to an extent from now on. I had been working on our garden and our earth friendly lifestyle, when the Y2K crisis came along. We are trying to live without so much dependence on fossil fuels and pesticide laced food. I think this is how one should live anyway. I'm very concerned about the environmental degradation, and with our bizarre weather, so I think we should all be prepared to an extent.

BUT...I will never, ever give in to FUD again. I intend to live my life as cheerfully as possible without fear of hunger, a stock market crash, gasoline shortages, bio-terrorism, religious predictions or anything else that comes down the pike. I will never let others influence me again to go overboard on preps, nor will I be infected by their insecurities and fear mongering.

As Longfellow said, "Not enjoyment and not sorrow is our destined end of way, But to act that each tomorrow take us farther than today"

I don't intend to ruin my present by fearing the future.

-- gilda (, March 25, 2000.

"I feel quite alienated in my preparations. I want to continue doing more things, but I don't have anyone else who has expressed any interest."


That's the bottom line, I suspect. It's one thing when you have young children or elderly in your care, and you can say to your critics (and that includes the critical part of yourself!), "I'm doing this for their well-being."

If you are alone, I believe it becomes more difficult to focus on the future. A more learned friend of mine calls it "Single Stupidity" but it can apply if you are the only member of a group who sees beyond the next meal.

I suspect that if you lived somewhere where prep groups continue to met, you would've already joined and wouldn't be posting a note like this on the Internet, so I'll close with a reminder that you aren't alone with your particular worries. Keep trying to find people with whom you can meet with face-to-face. I know that sounds really trite, but it does help.

-- (, March 25, 2000.

Nope no depress preps here.

Been there done that w/y2k

BTW, I found out last nite how my 'family' really felt about me having scared them all...

guess this time if depression comes, I'll be the sheeple and wait and see.

-- consumer (, March 25, 2000.

Thanks for all the responses.

This Saturday at work I was alone with my thoughts. I saw the new issue of Business Week, which featured the media hype of the Bull Market. That cover story was very informative and dreadful in that Business Week admitted they were partially reponsible for the hype which has lured so many newbie investors into stocks.

I experienced a bad perception that most Americans are NOT prepared to experience any severe hardships. They won't be able to focus and do what is necessary for survival. Many are being wooed by easy profits in the stock market, and their greedy natures cause them to make many foolish decisions. They are risking their futures on dreams which will not happen!

About one year ago I realized that the stock market was important to the American economy. Duh... OK, I'm a bit slow...

Six months later, I began to study Wall Street. Now I am more convinced than ever that Americans are being set up for the greatest financial collapse in history. The end result will be horrible! Millions will lose millions!

Here is an example of innumeracy: This morning I went to a Hardee's restaurant and ordered a meal which cost $1.27. I gave the female clerk $1.35. Then she was confused and looked toward her manager for an answer. I told her that 127 plus 8 equals 135. She expressed MUCH RELIEF that I had provided the answer. Then she said it was "morning". How will this young female cope with sudden unemployment when the Hardee's chain cannot receive necessary foods in order to transact normal business? A sudden economic collapse will stulitify the fast food industry.

She will be confused and immediately unemployed. Can she grow food in a garden? Does she know how to cultivate a tomato plant? Can she even recognize what a tomato plant is???

Questions to ask...

-- dinosaur (, March 25, 2000.

I'm still prepared and intend to stay that way. Actually, I'm still learning and making improvements in preps. I like the security of at least being partially self-suffient.

-- brock gannon (, March 25, 2000.


I understand that you feel a depression is coming, and you may very well be correct. Depressions and repressions come along every once in a while and most folks simply modify lifestyles and live through the hard times.

Your "prepare" for a depression theme, however, leaves me a bit cold. You mention potassium iodate tablets and mention the inability of a fast-food clerk to calculate correct change. YOUR fears of nuclear destruction have NOTHING to do with a depression, and the girl who can't make change may/may not have the skills necessary to see her through a depression.

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.thingee), March 25, 2000.


Most people scoffed at Y2K because they correctly identified that it wouldn't be a disaster. You incorrectly identified Y2K as coming disaster and it wasn't. Therefore, they were all wrong.

You just realized the stock market was important last year and have been studying it for the last six months and now you know the all about the stock market? You feel sorry for all those unprepared fools who have made 200% to 400% profit over the last several years while you invested in....what, potassium IODIDE (not iodate) tablets? And now, you're wondering why people are scoffing at your stock market advice?

You're buying extra seeds and tubers because you heard there's going to be a big drought? Like, a shortage of water that you'd need to grow the seeds and tubers?

You say this is congenital apathy on the part of the public that's not doing anything without being able to see the hyperactivity of your own doom preps.

Sorry, Dino, but there's actually a medical term for your condition. It's called Schizotypal Personality. The Merck Manual describes it thusly:

Displays oddities of thinking, perception, communication, and behavior that suggest schizophrenia but are never sever enough to meet the criteria for that disorder. These oddities in cognition may be expressed as magical thinking, ideas of reference, and paranoid ideation.

It's not a normal human condition to always and exclusively be planning for disaster. Doing so indicates that you have something more than just a concern - you have an obsession. Although I suspect you think that psychiatrists are part of some plot, seeing one would be a good idea in your case.

-- Jim Cooke (, March 26, 2000.

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