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It seems that Carter is the soul character that EVERYBODY likes, he is very easy to relate to, care about, and overall just very likable. I actually have some comments and a different question to ask here.

First, my question, to anyone who has been on this message board for awhile: I just recently started reading this board since the stabbing episode, and I was wondering if anyone old could tell me if this usually gets this many dedicated comments about the storylines? The reason I am asking this is because I was wondering if this is possibly one of the biggest events to happen on ER (according to the fans), due partly to the brutality, but also to the character choice. AND, back to my comment about everyone liking Carter, it seems this is a common opinion of not just viewers but of the other characters at the hospital as well. Someone mentioned awhile back in a message that during Carter's surgery, everyone was very persistent in helping Carter...Peter, and even Anspaugh, not wanting to tell Carter if he had to remove his kidney...he is respected and looked at as a member of the family at County, as if he grew up there(figuratively, meaning he was a med student, an intern, and now a resident). I love that he is so liked and I hope that it will shock everyone that their beloved Dr. Carter, who has always made it through anything, is having problems.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), March 24, 2000


YES! Everybody does love Carter! And yes if you ask me, this is the biggest event EVER to happen on ER. It is also the saddest! That and when Susan left. (but Lucy dying is still the saddest!) Carter's character is easy to love. It's just how he is.

-- Stephanie (Looney425@aol.com), March 24, 2000.

who doent like carter?

-- rachel (thehilfigergirl@aol.com), March 24, 2000.

Noah Wyle has made Carter into a good character, so have the writers. Sure Noah Wyle is good looking and he and the writers easily could have gotten by with making Carter the resident young stud doctor with no depth. But, Carter is a human being and there is an underlying sweetness to the character I think. He isn't this hotblooded headstrong type like Doug Ross, he is always falling over stuff too :-) people like him because in the beginning of ER he was the wide eyed newcomer and they've sort of grown up with him.

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), March 24, 2000.

I soooo agree with everyone's comments. :) I loved Carter for his naiveti and enthusiasm. I still love him for his kindness (okay, so he wasn't always kind to Lucy, but you can't love *everything* about someone - it gets too boring). I've always loved the "good-guy", and Carter is one of the best because Noah Wyle is an amazing actor. IMHO.

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), March 24, 2000.

I totally agree with you guys. John Carter is very fascinating character and Noah Wyle is doing an extraordinary super great wonderful excellent job. Because of his powerful performance, when even the script is very poor, Carter is always worth keeping on eye. Laura Innes, who is also doing very good job as Kerry Weaver, once said that she wants to be Carter if she coudn't do Weaver. AND Anthony Edwards said you should be around Carter because something's happenning around him^^. HAHA. THAT IS TRUE, right? I just read this month's cosmopolitan(glamour??, I'm confused, Angie Harmon was a covergirl) and I've found that readers vote to Noah Wyle as best actor in drama series. GO CARTER, GO!!

-- Kilim (kilim@sfu.ca), March 24, 2000.

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