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My ex-husband and I handed the keys back in to Nationwide in 1993, and a couple of months ago, the building society finally caught up with me. They sent me an income/expenditure form, which I filled in, saying that I could not afford to make any contribution and they replied that that was OK, and that they reserve the right to contact me again in the future. My exhusband and I divorced 5 years ago, and I am now living with my boyfriend and our children. I am a housewife, and the house we live in is in my boyfriend's name only. We do not have any joint bank accounts, and the only things that appear in my name are the odd bills. I personally have no assets at all. My question is this... If we get married, can the building society then ask about his earnings and assets, and make him pay my debt? We want so much to get married, but this is stopping us, as I feel it is completely unfair that he might have to pay a debt that was between my exhusband and myself.

Hope someone can advise... Thanks,


-- Jo Goodman (, March 24, 2000

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