What denomination is HCDL?

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Thanks for having this extra space for questions. I am 52 years young and still learning. I spent over thirty years in the denominational church and a few years in the non-denoms to have my full of them all. I've been meeting with other on a relational basis for a few years and prefer it overt the rest. I'm new to the HCDL and trying to fit in, but have found some difficulties. I'm hoping that you can help me. I asked a question the other day and was censured by someone. The question was regarding relational Christianity (I thought) and wanted the spiritual view of members of the List. Now when I was censured, I thought, hmmm I wonder what denomination this HCDL really is? My question was regarding baptism... which baptism is right? There are many spoken of in the New Testament and I wanted to hear the HC low down. Well, by now, the issue has been skirted and I'm beginning to think or see that this List must either be baptist or methodist. Not that I'm against them, I'm not. Just that when there is something that they don't understand, they say its controversial and they skirt the issue. So if you can help me to understand this, I'd appreciate it. I'm not one of the theological jokers... just want to talk and learn agbout Biblical/Spiritual matters. These email list are so lacking these days in discussing spiritual matters... well I won't go there today. It's just a little thorn in my spirit,,, why these folks are so shallow in spiritual or what Paul called the weightier matters.

Thanks for helping if you can... and please lets not get into religion.

God bless, John

-- John Hilbe (jnj@atsecure.net), March 24, 2000


Hello, John.

The prevalent religion in HCDL seems to be "anti institutional church." Beyond that, doctrinal stuff seems unclear.

Since physical baptism is symbolic of a spiritual event, I'm not so sure the method matters. If you look at the Strongs Concordance, and various word studies, you'll find that baptism referred to immersion, where the thing being immersed took on some of the character of what it was immersed in.

For me, baptism was mostly a step of obedience. I had been sprinkled as a child (Methodist then), but was not "born again" until age 30. At about age 32, I felt that I needed to take the step of baptism. That was full immersion, but again, I'm not so sure it matters how.

You can always get firm opinions from folks, but I don't know that there is a single "right" answer to your question.


-- John Gay (johng00001@aol.com), November 28, 2002.

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