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It will be interesting if Doug's possible guest return will coincide with Mark's dad dying/taking a turn for the worst...remember how Mark supported Doug when his dad would be nice for him to return the favor. I know we all want to see Carol and Doug happy at last, but Doug was also Mark's good friend (despite their administrative troubles surrounding Doug's leaving) and some closure for their relationship too would be a nice touch. When I think back to scenes of Mark and Doug together (one where they're walking down a street and talking about Jen's legs) they had such a believable friendship. Not many on er like that anymore...

I also liked in "Under Control" the tension that is being set up between Mark as teacher and Jing-mae, Dr. Dave, Abby, and Carter as students. I hope Mark's skills as a teacher continue to grow and he learns about himself in the process. I also enjoy the competitive spirit among the students. They really seem like they're learning, struggling, not just totally flubbing or being completely perfect.

-- nancy (, March 24, 2000


You're right, Mark & Doug's friendship needs closure just as much as Carol & Doug's romance does. really made me think about this now. Funny how they have Mark's father take a turn for the worse just around the time we're all hoping for a Clooney return? It would be such a great storyline. One father leaving his son (Mark) as another (Doug) just begins to know his two daughters. Doug should definately be there for Mark during his father's turn for the worse/death, just as Mark was there for Doug in "Fathers and Sons." Funny how they'll both have two more significant things in common -- daughters and losing their fathers. There is SO much possibility!!

-- Leigh (, March 24, 2000.

I agree with all the above. And what really struck me in this episode was the scene at the end where Mark and his father are looking at old slides. Remember the scene when Mark and Doug were looking at Doug's father's slides of HIS childhood in the motel room? It's a perfect parallel, and I suspect not a coincidence.

-- Mary (, March 24, 2000.

Yes, the slides were so similar, the older, nostalgic music (which fit perfectly here), and the looking back on father and son relationships...I immediately thought of Doug after the final scene.

-- Elaine (, March 24, 2000.

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