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Really enjoyed Kim Apel's article in Issue #21 of OWR on the refurbishing of his "found" Dobler Swampscott Dory Design # 182 (Sou"wester). Would like to know more on this design... Is Mr Joseph Dobler still with us? Does anyone know of his address? Are his plans still available? Thanking any and all in advance for time and information. Tom Vetromile, OWR subscriber

-- Tom Vetromile (, March 24, 2000


Tom: My delay in responding is because the Dobler dory and I are just back from another trip to Baja California. Mr. Dobler passed away at age 90 in 1997. All his papers and plans are in the custody of his son-in-law in Irvine, CA. Contact me directly, if you like, for more info. --Kim Apel

-- Kim Apel (, April 03, 2000.


In addition to Kim's info you might try Bob Young affiliated with RiversWest Small Craft Center, Portland, Oregon. His addresses:

16612 Maple Circle Lake Oswego, OR 97034


Bob tells me of long term experience with Joe Dobler and his designs. See where it goes and share with me if you would.


Rob Dunlap

-- Rob Dunlap (, April 06, 2000.

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