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I know I am swimming against the tide but I thought that Lucy/the stabbing got all the mention that it needed. Kerry's quiet comment to Carter about talking to someone about "what happened" was perfect. I am sure that the tragedy is still in the back of people's minds but real mature people just don't go on talking these things to death. Carter is not ready to talk about himself and I am sure he will open up about his feelings for Lucy when he is stronger. He is just in no shape (mentally or physically) to do it now.

-- maryann (, March 24, 2000


I agree. Honestly, I think in real life people WOULD avoid talking about Lucy and least to Carter and at least for awhile.

-- amanda (, March 24, 2000.

I think that it's fine that the writer's are building this up, and I don't want every episode to deal with the stabbing, but I don't want it to be forgotten. I hope that in an episode down the road that the writer's show how the staff (paritcularly Carter) is dealing with one of their own being brutually killed. Things never go back to the way they were after something so horrible has happened, even if everyone tries for it to.

-- Emma (, March 24, 2000.

I think Maryann's got the right idea. As much as Lucy fans want some sort of permanent memorial, it's just not realistic for the er community or personally, for Carter.

-- nancy (, March 24, 2000.

I agree with Maryanne. It wouldn't be like the ER staff to completely fall apart about Lucy's death. Example: Kerry Weaver wouldn't ball her eyes out (at least in public) about Lucy. Even though the staff doesn't show it, you know they are thinking about Lucy. I hope in future episodes they mention her as a remembrance. I hope Carter will finally confess how much he loved Lucy. That would be a perfect end season episode!

-- Stephanie (, March 24, 2000.

And wouldn't quite a bit of time have had to pass for Carter to be back to work considering how severe his injuries were?

-- Diana (, March 24, 2000.

I must be really tired because I didn't finish my answer...what I was trying to say was that quite a bit of time would have passed and everyone would have rehashed the event over and over while Carter was recovering enough to come back. Plus I don't think most of them would mention it or Lucy directly to him.

-- Diana (, March 24, 2000.

I would think the writers would have to address Lucy's murder in some way, if only to let us know what has happened to Paul. Has he been arrested, comitted suicide, what? If he is arrested, there is still the possibility of a trial and Carter being forced to testify. Even the writers can't ignore the storyline has to be closed somehow, can they?

-- Deb (, March 25, 2000.

Deb, I hope they won't but I guess they can.

-- Diana (, March 25, 2000.

There does not necessarily have to be a trial - only if Paul Sobricki tried to say he was innocent of the crime. I believe he "confessed" when he was back in the ER and who knows what he told the police later. Carter will probably not have to endure a criminal trial.

-- maryann (, March 25, 2000.

Lucy was a favorite of mine, but I think they're spending just enough time on her. Not so much that we get tired of it, but they are showing it has some reprecussions(sp?), unspoken at least.

-- Cai (, March 25, 2000.

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