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I read on another bulletin board (not an er bb) that this person had heard from a friend that Lucy was coming back. She said that this person knew for definite but that she couldnt talk about it. This sounds pretty crazy to me, but has anyone else heard these rumours-maybe she'll be haunting someone LOL!!


-- joanna (, March 24, 2000


In my opinion I think that would SO out of character for the show. I mean to have Lucy come back and haunt someone??? That seems really rediculous. I once maybe thought that Carter might have some flash backs about the whole thing, and then that is when we would see Lucy, but I really don't think that will happen.

-- Paula (, March 24, 2000.

Actually, maybe not so bizarre. (although I still don't think this rumor is true) I was thinking of this last night. When someone close to you dies, you "see" them around for a while, usually out of the corner of your eye or something. You think you see them walking down the hall, or sitting on a bed, etc. Or you think you hear them talking or calling you from another room. This is just because you're so used to seeing them and now they're gone. I was wondering if Carter would ever have such an experience in the ER, what with all the people running around constantly. He might see a blonde med student who resembles Lucy and maybe imagine he hears her voice for a second, but of course, it really isn't her. Not that I think Lucy is coming back, but it would be cool if they did something like that, and realistic.

-- debbie (, March 24, 2000.

I like that last idea, and I am hoping that he will have some experience where he thinks Lucy is there, but she isn't. I wouldn't mind flashbacks, but that doesn't really happen on ER. I am hoping that the only reason they have not brought up Lucy is because it is taking Carter awhile to realize she is really gone and will admit to someone sometime that he misses her, because right now he is being closed off. After the way they left things, Carter should have some feelings about it.

-- Elaine (, March 24, 2000.

Carter saying, "I see dead people" like in The Sixth Sense? can't see that happening!

-- Joy (, March 27, 2000.

After watching the epi "Under Control", I have this feeling that Carter will mention something about Lucy. I don't think he will mention anything about "missing" her, but something about how he feels responsible for her death, in some way. The guilt he feels for not supervising her the way she should have been that day. After reading some opinions, it really isn't like ER too keep hashing something over and over again. They do seem to let things "go", to never-never land of T.V. or something. I just wish we can all find out what in the heck is going to happen to Carter in the next month or so. Are the rumors true or was it a way to sell more mags. for the Tabloids? If anyone has any spoilers, not already listed, please submit them. :-)

-- Paula (, March 27, 2000.

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