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Title: Switzerland Suspends All Shipments of Nuclear Fuel Rods to Britain

Story Filed: Friday, March 24, 2000 5:37 AM EST

GENEVA (March 24) XINHUA - Switzerland's Federal Nuclear Energy Inspectorate has suspended all shipments of nuclear fuel rods to Britain's Sellafield reprocessing plant amid growing concerns over security lapses in the plant, Swiss Radio International reported Friday.

The inspectorate said that shipments could only be resumed once the British have shown significant improvements on Sellafield's safety record. Similar bans have been imposed by Germany and Sweden.

Sellafield was closed last month by Britain's Nuclear Installations Inspectorate after a report said workers in the plant deliberately falsified records relating to the quality of uranium and plutonium mixed oxide fuel bound for Japan.

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-- (, March 24, 2000

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