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Okay I'm from the UK and have just seen Domino Heart proably a middle of the range one for ER althought the interaction between Lucy and her patient and the eventual death and how Lucy watched over her pale face reminded me of how Kerry is supposed to watch over lucy in Family Way (Yes I read the spoilers).

Now to my point of Doug Ross to clear a few things up ER writers and producers made it a point of having him state that he would come back at least for 3 special episodes. Now the writers have suddenly changed there minds I'm sorry but I would love to see a banter between Carol and Doug and eventual reconciliation(sp?). What I would also love to see is the communcation between Doug and Luka (Doug mark 2). Finally on the topic of Doug I would love to see him come back as perhaps somebody very high up having more power over Kerry. Second factor of this final argument is that Clooney is a ratings winner and the show ratings would go throught the roof with something like this.

Its easy to bring him back as well he could just be transfering a patient to be county or visiting his "Best Friend" Mark isn't that weired for supposed best friends they don't talk on the phone or even have any kind of contact. One word for the writers in terms of Doug Ross CONTINUITY Don't just write someone out and then we never here from them.

Right to the season finale we have all seen rumours of how the season will end but heres the thing weren't we supposed to know that Lucy would get shot instead we had a bit of swerve thrown and given a stabbing instead. We are all assuming that Carol will be the one that dies but wouldn't it make more sense if the writers were throwing a super curve in that it's the fact that nobody "dies" in the literal effect instead we see the personality of Carter die and reborn hence a NEW Carter is leaving of course Carol will eventually quite mainly because of something to do with Luka. One super curve ball I would love to see is that Luka has in fact been in regular contact with Doug perhaps because they are old friends or something or Luka and Doug worked on Lukas first patient in the US and something bonded from there or something like that. The point would be is that Carol comes on to Luka only for Luka to rebuff her and let it slip that he was only keeping an eye on her for doug.

Anyway enough wild ideas just write what you think of them below.

-- Mick Grant (, March 24, 2000


I never even picked up on that possibility before, Carter's personality that we know dies and a new Carter emerges, since "death" doesn't need to be in the literal sense, it can also be the passing of an era (i.e. Carter dealing with the aftermath, Carol leaving Chicago to be with Doug).

*POSSIBLE SPOILER* From what I've gathered -- though I despise tabloids and don't believe a word they write -- Mark Greene's father dies, which would be the character death, if that's one of the upcoming storylines.

As most of the people who read this board regularly know, I am ALL FOR Carol reunited with Doug ONSCREEN. Six years is too long to be left unsatisfied by the ending of an important, continuous storyline. We need to see a good venting session, a reconciliation, and if TPTB * REALLY* want to make my day, a wedding (big or small, doesn't matter to me). I'd love to see D&C with their children, and I'm missing Ma Hathaway!!

It would be nice if it came out that Doug asked Mark to "take care" of Carol for him, since Mark has definately been doing that. Staff reactions of seeing Doug again would be priceless (Randi, Chuny, Haleh, Kerry, and Romano would be the ones I'd be looking for).

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE THREE OR FOUR SPECIAL EPISODES CLOONEY WOULD RETURN FOR!?!? They did say that, numerous times, and now they've got us begging for ONE? GC doesn't want to overshadow JM's departure, but if they write it right he won't. One magical phone call won't solve what seems to be over a year of more or less estrangement. The only way I can see them rekindling is if Doug SHOWS UP. Proves his love, shows Carol he's there for her *AND* their children, etc.

-- Leigh (, March 24, 2000.

As for Doug and Carol, if GC doesn't want to overshadow JM leaving, wouldn't it be great to have the last show with her getting on a plane to Seattle/Portland and have the last scene be Doug meeting them at the airplane and seeing his daughters for the first time? That way he would be on the show, be able to film something that would fit into his schedule, and the fans would be happy in seeing the two of them together at the end. Personally, I think it would be a great ending.

Just some thoughts.

-- Laura (, March 24, 2000.

Good idea, Laura!! I'm hoping for a bit more, but if not, that would be sweet. :-)

-- Leigh (, March 24, 2000.

I'm thinking they throw in the "slow ER" music, like at the end of "Exodus". . .

-- joy (, March 24, 2000.

Yeah, either the slower version from "Exodus," or "Doug & Carol." Because the D&C song is rather sad, maybe they'll play it earlier in the episode, then when they are reunited we won't really hear the words (you know how they muffle them so you hear snippets of dialogue and laughter), we'll hear mostly the slower version of the theme song. :-) Makes me happy to think of them together again!!

-- Leigh (, March 24, 2000.

I was just thinking of another possible scenario. Maybe when Carol resigns she makes an announcement to the staff (since, in all reality, they should be fairly surprised by it, or at least she should think they will be -- like in "Do You See What I See?"). Doug could be there, as well as their children, and after congratulating them and such, they could show D&C leaving the hospital, arms around each other and smiling, playing the slower version of the theme song as the staff gets back to work.

-- Leigh (, March 24, 2000.

I think it would be nice to see Carol and Doug have a wedding. Watching reruns and seeing how beautiful she looked when she was going to marry Tag made me want to see her in a wedding dress again. What a great season finale that would be - everyone at Doug and Carol's wedding, dancing, having a good time.

-- Denise (, March 24, 2000.

I hate to be a sourpuss here, but please people! Do you really think that Doug DESERVES Carol (and Kate & Tess!) Look - I know she said that she'd told him not to come when they discussed her pregnancy but how could a (real) man stay away from the love of his life when she'd just given birth to his TWIN DAUGHTERS!! Even if they did not show Doug, there could have been dialogue between Carol & Mark about him being back in town, what a proud papa he is, etc. I personally will be disappointed if she runs to him. If I were in her shoes I would be so insecure about his true feelings & ability to commit that I would never subject my babies to the disappointments he is going to hand them over and over again.

-- Linda (, March 24, 2000.

I realize there is a lot of divided feelings about whether Doug was being his old, selfish self or whether Carol was too harsh in keeping Doug away after she found out she was pregnant. I am not quite sure, I am a huge fan of both of them and I would be very happy to see them together again; I think neither of them knew what to do exactly. What I really want to see too though, like someone else said, are reactions from the staff...Mark, (maybe Mark would know he's in town before Carol) the nurses, Randi, KERRY!, Carter (maybe Doug's shock at Carter's condition, though I doubt they would bring these two main storylines together). That would be priceless.

* I am really wondering when Malucchi will ask Carol who the father is. That would be a subtle way of bringing Doug up!

-- Elaine (, March 26, 2000.

Leave it to Malucci -- that would be classic Dr. Dave! Open mouth, insert foot!

-- amanda (, March 26, 2000.

response to Linda--I agree that, in real life, Doug would not deserve them, but I think (and I think a lot of people agree with me) that it wasn't fair for the writers to portray the ending of their relationship and all subsequent actions the way they did, since the Doug we had come to know would NEVER simply submit to Carol's wishes and stay away from his daughters. That said, the only way to rectify the situation is to find a way to get them back together.

-- joy (, March 28, 2000.

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