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By Rev. George H. Malkmus

The year was 1976. I was 42 years old and I was told I had colon cancer.

A tumor about the size of a baseball had been found underneath my left rib cage where the transverse and descending colon come together. I was devastated! I asked, "Why me Lord?" I didn't understand!

It was because of this - what appeared to be a tragic event in my life, and the research and personal experiences that followed - that I was taught GOD'S WAY TO ULTIMATE HEALTH.

Let me elaborate a little more on how it all happened. In 1976 I was the pastor of a Baptist Church, near Glens Falls, New York, a church I founded in 1970. It was a very successful ministry. Membership in this church grew from nothing to over 600 members. In addition to the church, we had a Christian School, grades K through 12, along with a Bible Institute, both of which I also founded. Five large busses brought people to the services, while my radio broadcast, America Needs Christ, was heard on many radio stations each week. Over a dozen young people from our church and school were in college preparing for full-time ministry. Trul y, this seemed to be the high point of my ministry and God was certainly blessing.

Just prior to all this, I had watched my mother die of colon cancer. Mom was a registered nurse, and she believed her doctors when they told her that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were her only hope of surviving. Mom submitted to these treatments and died a horrible death! At the time of her death, I felt it was the treatments she received at the hands of the medical doctors that ultimately caused her death rather than the cancer itself.

What was I to do? Should I submit my body to the same medical treatments mom had? What I had seen my mother go through was so horrible! Also, as a pastor for 20 years, I had sat at the bed-side of so many people and watched the devastating effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery experienced by others in the treatment of their cancers, I had also conducted the funerals for many of them.

Another thing that bothered me was that in so many cases prayer didn't seem to make any difference. I had seen some of the most dedicated Christians, even after great faith, personal prayer as well as collective prayer, get sicker and sicker and often die after going the medical route. What should I do? I had a family and a church that needed me. Many people told me I should go the medical route and some were putting pressure on me to do just that.

It was during this time of uncertainty that I turned to an Evangelist friend in Texas by the name of Lestor Roloff for help. Brother Roloff was one of those "health-nuts." We often affectionately referred to him as "Carrot Juice Roloff." I was really in a dilemma as to what I should do for my cancer when I called Brother Roloff. His advice to me sounded strange. He advised me not to go the medical route of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as mom had gone... BUT TO SIMPLY CHANGE MY DIET TO RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, AND DRINK LOTS OF FRESH CARROT JUICE!

Wow! That sounded too simplistic! But it sure sounded better than the medical route which I had pretty well decided not to pursue. So, overnight I changed from a meat-centered, cooked and processed food diet with plenty of sugar desserts, to an all-raw diet with lots of carrot juice. I stayed on this total raw diet for approximately one year. I didn't eat any cooked food during that year ... just raw fruits, raw vegetables and one to two quarts a day of freshly extracted, raw carrot juice.

The results were spectacular! Almost immediately I started to get well! In less than one year, my tumor had totally disappeared. It simply got smaller and smaller until it was gone. But that was not all. In less than one year, every physical problem I had been experiencing also disappeared! Such physical problems as hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, severe allergies and sinus problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, pimples, colds, flu ... even body odor and dandruff were gone! Totally healed!

In the years that have followed - and I am over 60 years old at this writing - I have not experienced as much as a cold, sore throat, upset stomach, been to a doctor or taken as much as an aspirin. It is so thrilling, at my age, to still be able to play football, basketball and softball with the boys, jog five miles with ease, and have more energy, endurance and stamina than I had when I was 20 years old.

With that as a little background, let me share how God used this experience in my life to create Hallelujah Acres Ministries and the writing of this book. You see, ever since that day in 1976 when I was told that I had cancer, I have been researching nutrition, healthy lifestyle and how it all relates to the Bible. Also, I have been experimenting on my own body to see how it reacted to various foods. Along with all this, I have also been watching and listening to the testimonies of thousands of others who have made similar dietary changes.

My conclusion after all these years of research and experience is that WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE SICK!!! Disease and sickness are self-inflicted! Almost every physical problem, other than accidents, is caused by improper diet and lifestyle! All we have to do to be well is eat and live according to the way God intended! In the almost 20 years since I recovered from colon cancer, one of the most basic and important things I have learned is that there is a vast difference between God's ways and man's ways! I have found that while most good Christians want to go God's way, and have tried to protect themselves from the sins of the world, they have accepted the world's teachings in almost every area of life concerning how to care for our physical bodies, which are the temple of God. A tragic example of this is when you look at the two ways to approach cancer, one of the most devastating and horrible diseases in history. My mother went the world's way (the orthodox medical route) in an attempt to rid herself of her cancer. She accepted the drugs, radiation and surgery of her doctors, and as far as I am concerned, these treatments were what caused her death! I rejected the world's way and went God's way. I turned to the Bible, adopted God's original diet as found in Genesis 1:29 and every physical problem simply went away, including my cancer.

And my experience was not unique! My wife Rhonda came to a Health Seminar I was conducting in 1991. (We were married April 11, 1992.) She was wearing a size 20 dress at that time and was almost crippled with arthritis. Within approximately one year after changing her diet and lifestyle, she had lost over 80 pounds, reduced her dress size to a 10, and her arthritis was totally gone. Even a degenerated spine, the result of a bout with spinal meningitis at age 7, had healed. Yes, X-rays revealed her spine was totally healed, degeneration gone in less than two years after changing her diet and lifestyle.

Another example is a dear friend of mine who was a diabetic when I first met him in 1989. At that time he was trying to control his blood sugar with pills prescribed by his doctor. I encouraged him to change his diet in 1989, which he did not do. Two years later the doctor told him that the pills were not adequate any more and that he must be admitted to a hospital to adjust and stabilize his blood sugar and start him on two daily shots of injection insulin. Again I told him he needed to change his diet. And again he paid no heed.

After another two years had elapsed, the doctor told him that he needed to put him into the hospital and cut off his foot, which is not an uncommon occurrence for those who go the orthodox medical route in the treatment of diabetes. Only this time he said "no" to his doctor. Instead he came to one of our seminars and immediately adopted God's Natural Diet. In less than two weeks he was off insulin and his blood sugar was in normal range. That was over two years ago. Today, he is still off all medication and still has both his feet!

We have received thousands of testimonies as dramatic as these, and some even more so, from people who have switched from the world's way of eating and treating physical problems to God's way. As you continue to read through this book you will read many of their testimonies.

What we need here in America and around the world is a HEALTH REVOLUTION! We must turn away from the world's way of dealing with physical and emotional problems and turn to God's way! The world's way is bankrupting us, costing Americans over a trillion ($l,000,000,000,000.00) dollars a year while the physical and emotional condition of our population -Christian and non- Christian alike - continues to decline.

In order to make intelligent changes, we must realize there are alternatives to the world's approach to health and how to deal with physical problems. We must understand both ways ... and why one works and why the other does not. Sadly, very few people, including most pastors, preachers and evangelists, have been aware of God's way, when it comes to the physical body. Thus we have been programmed only in the world's way, even from the pulpits in our churches.

Because of this programming, most people, when they first hear of God's ways, think them strange and "far out". So in order to help understand the differences, let's look at a few physical problems being faced by many people today and compare the two ways of dealing with these problems.

Take cardiovascular problems, which result in heart attacks and strokes. Heart disease is the number one killer (50% of all deaths) in America today. Every 34 seconds, someone in America dies from physical problems associated with this disease. The cost to those who go the medical route for the treatment of heart disease is over $110 billion per year.

The first approach usually taken by medical doctors in an effort to control this problem is to prescribe drugs. It is not uncommon for a person with high blood pressure to be given as many as three or four drugs. One of these drugs will chemically force the blood vessels to dilate (get bigger), thus lowering blood pressure. But this drug causes the heart to speed up. In an effort to control the speeding up of the heart caused by the first drug, the doctor usually prescribes a second drug to slow it down. Each of these drugs is capable of causing the body to retain fluid. Thus the doctor often prescribes a third drug, a diuretic, which is designed to chemically force the body to release the extra fluid being retained in an effort to try and keep all these drugs (poisons) from doing more harm.

Almost all of these drugs can cause impotence in males. The diuretics can cause dizziness, headaches and even depression ... while at the same time raising cholesterol levels! Then there are the "beta blockers" that can cause not only depression, but insomnia, as well as liver and kidney damage. The world's approach of using drugs just causes more and more problems within the body while never dealing with the cause. To top it all off, there is the devastating financial costs of going this medical route. In an effort to reduce cholesterol, doctors prescribe over two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000.00) worth of drugs a year, and frankly, they don't do the job. Yet the side effects from these drugs can cause liver damage, headaches, diarrhea or constipation and are now being linked to depression, violence and even suicide.

Angioplasties (balloon therapy) is another way the world tries to deal with clogged arteries. The average cost of this procedure is $ 15,000, not counting the drugs and follow-up. And yet a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1992 showed that half of the angioplasties in the United States were probably unnecessary. Studies also show that for those who underwent this procedure, 57 percent have their arteries clog back up.

Then there is by-pass surgery. The average cost of this operation is $45,000. It is a very dangerous operation, that finds most patients back on the operating table within three to five years (because their arteries have clogged back up again), if they are not dead. About 5 percent of by-pass surgery patients die on the operating table.

One of the latest of the new technologies for cleaning out the arteries is called atherectomy. This procedure is something like a Roto-Rooter, They take a tiny, high-speed rotating knife, insert it in the arteries and ream out the cholesterol. This also is a very risky surgery.

Now compare all the above efforts by medical doctors (the world's way) of treating cardiovascular problems with God's way. Here at Hallelujah Acres, we have testimony after testimony from people who had experienced high blood pressure, high cholesterol and clogged arteries who were able to totally reverse these problems, usually in a very short time, by something as simple as changing their diet and lifestyle. How can this be?

Well, it all goes back to our failure to eat and live the way God intended. The world's diet is full of fat, salt and other contaminates that clog up our arteries and produce all sorts of physical problems. Yet, in most instances, all people have to do to correct a physical problem is change their diet and lifestyle! When they do this, the body will usually cleanse the arteries by itself and the problem will usually simply disappear in a very short time. And furthermore, studies show that if a person stops consuming animal products, they will reduce their chances of ever having a heart attack or stroke by over 96 percent!

What is the cost of going God's way? Probably a reduced grocery bill and a long healthy life. While the cost of going the world's way can be continued physical problems and thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills for treatments that never get to the root cause - namely diet and lifestyle. I have found that the world's way (accepted medical procedures) for dealing with physical problems is almost always wrong! Take diabetes as another example. Compare the world's way of treating adult-onset diabetes with God's way in the case of the friend we just read about. Going the doctor/drug route, my friend had continued to deteriorate for years as his doctor increased his insulin while using antibiotics and other drugs to treat infections in his feet, which the doctor told him were being caused by his diabetes.

By the time the doctor told him that he needed to amputate his foot, my friend had already spent over $40,000 treating his diabetes! But he refused to let the doctor cut off his foot. He simply changed his diet and lifestyle, and in less than two weeks he was off insulin and his blood sugar level was in normal range.

As I write this, it has now been two years since my friend changed his diet and lifestyle from the world's way to God's way. He has taken zero drugs during these two years and he still has both feet. He also had heart problems which have totally disappeared.

Take arthritis as another example. The medical profession still says that the cause of arthritis is not known. The only thing they tell their patients is that they can expect it to get worse and worse and that there is no way to reverse it. They also treat arthritis with drugs and surgery while the patient's physical condition usually continues to decline. Cortisone and similar drugs are often administered to try and help relieve the pain, but it doesn't last long and when the pain returns, it is usually worse than ever. The side-effects from these drugs can include high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts, bone loss (osteoporosis), ulcers and more.

Now compare the orthodox medical approach to the testimony of my wife Rhonda with her arthritis and what happened when she changed from the world's way to God's way. She was crippled up with arthritis for over 10 years, unable to walk a block without extreme pain. She took pain pills by the handfuls. Within one year after changing her diet, she went from not being able to walk a block without severe pain and exhaustion to speed-walking four miles in less than an hour! Her arthritis was totally gone and she has not had a pain pill since. Not even an aspirin. What did she do to bring about this total elimination of arthritis from her body? She simply changed from the world's diet and lifestyle to God's diet and lifestyle, and all her physical problems simply and quite quickly disappeared.

Compare my mom's experience with mine in the treatment of cancer. Mom went the world's way and accepted the doctors' chemotherapy, radiation and surgery ... treatments that I felt ultimately caused her death. I refused the world's treatments, adopted God's diet as He gave it in Genesis 1:29, and my cancer simply disappeared. I have been totally free of all physical problems since 1976.

On God's Ultimate Diet, almost every physical problem usually disappears in a comparatively short period of time! Weight normalizes. Emotional problems disappear. Life takes on a whole new glow and becomes exciting. Until someone personally experiences it, they cannot fully comprehend the total scope of the benefits of living and eating God's way. It improves the physical, as well as the emotional and psychological well-being of a person. People become happier, depressions go away, problems don't seem so monumental. Our whole outlook on life improves. Even the spiritual part of us becomes more attuned.

Most doctors mean well, but all of their training is in the world's way. In fact, the average doctor knows practically nothing about nutrition because the typical doctor has received less than three hours of nutritional training in his or her entire preparation to become a doctor. And the nutritional training they do receive is the world's way, not God's way, so what they have learned about diet is not able to help our bodies to strengthen their immune system and heal disease by creating healthy new living cells.

Sadly, most doctors are just as sick as their patients! If doctors cannot keep their own bodies well and functioning properly, how in the world can they help anyone else? However, we are thrilled to find that more and more doctors are starting to question their indoctrination in medical school as they see the devastating consequences of their drugging, burning and cutting patient after patient. Many are allowing their eyes to be opened and are moving in God's direction. Pray for them. The peer pressure and controls on them by their union, the American Medical Association, is very powerful. In many states, a doctor can lose his license if he recommends or treats his patients' physical problems with anything other than drugs, radiation and surgery.

The key to preventing heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and a host of other physical problems is in our own hands. We can literally control whether we are going to be sick or not and how long we are going to live by simply choosing how we live our lives ... the world's way or God's way! God's way leads to a long, happy, pain-free, sickness-free life! While the world's way usually leads to a short, unhappy, sickness-filled life with lots of pain and suffering, to say nothing of the financial costs. This book sets before you two very different paths, one a broad road (the world's way) that leads to destruction and the other a narrow road (God's way) that leads to life! I trust that you will very carefully consider both roads as you continue to read through this book and that you will choose "GOD'S WAY TO ULTIMATE HEALTH!"

"...I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your seed may live:" (Deuteronomy 30:19)

More on Hallelujah Acres

-- wimpyloudigijs (, March 24, 2000


Here is an other cancer cure.....


Omega-3 refers to a group of oils found in seafood and many cold- climate plants, but only very small amounts are contained in most vegetable oils. Unlike fish oils, which are high in EPA and DHA, flaxseed oil is the only source of large amounts of alpha linolenic acid, ALA (55- 61%).

>From this, the body can manufacture its own EPA, which is important for helping regulate the production of prostaglandins (hormone-like substances) useful for good health ("The natural way to better health and longer life", Bullivant).


The Flaxseed (Linseed) oil diet was originally proposed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, a german biochemist and expert on fats and oils, in 1951 and recently re-examined by Dr. Dan C. Roehm M.D. FACP (Oncologist and former cardiologist) in 1990. Dr. Roehm claims: "this diet is far and away the most successful anti-cancer diet in the world".

Budwig claims that the diet is both a preventative and a curative. She says the absence of linol-acids [in the average western diet] is responsible for the production of oxydase, which induces cancer growth and is the cause of many other chronic disorders.

The beneficial oxydase ferments are destroyed by heating or boiling oils in foods, and by nitrates used for preserving meat, etc.

The theory is: the use of oxygen in the organism can be stimulated by protein compounds of sulphuric content, which make oils water-soluble and which is present in cheese, nuts, onion and leek vegetables such as leek, chive, onion and garlic, but especially cottage cheese.

Ferments of cell respiration closely connected with the highly unsaturated fatty acids, are also needed for proper oxydation. It is essential to use only unrefined, cold-pressed oils with high linolic acid content, such as linseed, sunflower, soya, poppyseed, walnut, and corn oils. Such oil should be consumed together with foods containing the right proteins otherwise the oils will have the OPPOSITE EFFECT, causing more harm than good.

The best combination is cottage cheese and linseed oil. The linseed should be freshly ground. Carbohydrates containing natural sugar, such as dates, figs, pears, apples and grapes, are also included in the diet. Honey is also beneficial. Most of the synthetic vitamin A preparations are bad because they contain oxidation products, but much carotine as provitamin A (from carrot) is consumed. Vitamin B from buttermilk, yoghurt, and natural yeast is beneficial.

A person requires daily about 4 oz. of cottage cheese mixed well with 1.5 oz. of linseed oil and 1 oz. of milk. A blender or egg beater works fine. The mixture an be sweeten with honey or otherwise flavoured naturally. Fresh fruits can be added. Every morning 2 spoonfuls of freshly ground linseed oil should be taken in luke warm buttermilk or yoghurt.

The diet is indicated for all kinds of chronic diseases, especially heart ailments (corony thrombosis), gall disorders, diabetes, arthritis, and malignancies. It improves failing hearing and sight. It is the ideal nutrient for children and infants. It is suggested that this diet be supplemented with lactic acid ferments (4).

"What she (Dr. Johanna Budwig) has demonstrated to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 and is specifically correctable, in vitro (test-tube) as well as in vivo (real)... " (Roehm, "Townsend Letter for Doctors", July 1990)


The patient has no nourishment on day #1 other than 250 ml (8.5 oz) of Flax Oil with honey plus freshly squeezed fruit juices (no sugar added!). In the case of a very ill person, champagne may be added on the first day in place of juice and is taken with the Flax Oil and honey. Champagne is easily absorbable and has a serious purpose here.

1) SUGAR IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Grape juice may be added to sweeten any other freshly squeezed juices. Honey is also allowed and is included in the recipes. Fortunately, honey, although sweet, is not detrimental like commercial white sugar. (unboiled Honey is best - available through Healthfood stores).

2) Other 'forbiddens' are:

- All animal fats. - All Salad Oils (this included commercial mayonnaise) - All Meats (chemicals & hormones) - Butter - Margarine - Preserved Meats (the preservatives block metabolism even of Flax Oil)

3) Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are fine - carrot, celery, apple, and red beet.

4) Three times daily a warm tea is essential - peppermint, rose hips or grape tea - all sweetened as desired with honey. One cup of black tea before noon is fine.


Before breakfast - a glass of Acidophilus milk or Sauerkraut juice is taken.

Breakfast - Muesli (regular cereal) is overlaid with 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of Flax Oil and honey and fresh fruit according to season - berries, cherries, apricots, peaches, grated apple. Vary the flavour from day to day. Use any nuts except peanuts! Herbal teas as desired or black tea. A 4 oz (120 g) serving of THE SPREAD (directions below). This is fine to eat 'straight' like a custard, or add it to other foods taken in the day as you will see.

Morning tea (10am) - A glass of fresh carrot juice, apple, celery, or beet-apple juice is taken.

Lunch - Raw salad with yoghurt-Flax Oil Mayonnaise (directions below). In addition to 'greens' salads, use grated turnips, carrots, kohlrabi, radishes, sauerkraut or cauliflower. A fine powder of horseradish, chives or parsley may be added for flavour.

Cooked Meal Course - Steamed vegetables, potatoes, or such grains as rice, buck-wheat or millet may be served. to these add either THE SPREAD or THE MAYO - for flavour and to up your intake of Flax Oil. Also mix THE SPREAD with potatoes for an especially hearty meal. Add caraway, chives, parsley or other herbs.

Dessert - Mix fresh fruit other than those used for breakfast with THE SPREAD, this time (instead of honey), flavoured using cream of lemon, vanilla or berries.

Afternoon Tea (4pm) - A small glass of natural wine (no preservatives) or champagne or fresh fruit juice with 1-2 tablespoons of honey-coated Fax Seeds.

Supper - Have this early, at 6pm. Make a hot meal using buckwheat, oat or soy cakes. grits from buckwheat are the very best and can be placed in a vegetable soup, or in a more solid form of cakes with herbal sauce. Sweet sauces & soups can always be given far more healing energy by adding THE SPREAD. Only honey or grape juice can be used for sweeteners. NO white sugar (or brown!) Only freshly squeezed juices and NOT reconstituted juices (preservative danger) may be used. These must be completely natural.

How to prepare 'THE SPREAD'

Place 250 ml (8.5 oz) Flax Oil into a mixer bowl and add one pound (450 g) of 1% Cottage Cheese (ie low fat eg Quark) and add 4 tablespoons (60 ml) of Honey. Turn on the mixer and add just enough low fat milk or water to get the contents of the bowl to blend in together. In 5 minutes, a preparation of custard consistency results that has NO taste of the oil (and no oily 'ring' should be seen when you rinse out the bowl).

Alternatively, you can use Yoghurt instead of Cottage Cheese in proportions of 1 oz (30 g) of Yoghurt to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) each of Flax Oil and of honey and blend as above.

NOTE: When Flax Oil is blended like this, it does not cause diarrhoea even when given in large amounts. It reacts chemically with the (sulphur) proteins of the cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc.

How to prepare 'THE MAYO' (Mayonnaise):

Mix together 2 tablespoons (30 ml) Flax Oil, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) milk, and 2 tablespoons (30 ml) Yoghurt.

Then add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of Lemon juice (or Apple Cider Vinegar) and add 1 teaspoon (2.5g) Mustard plus some herbs such as marjoram or dill.

Next add 2 or 3 slices of health food store pickles (no preservatives! - read label!) and a pinch of herbal salts.

(The above mayonnaise plus lots of mustard and a few bananas is very tasty!)

Concluding remarks by Dr. Roehm - "I only wish that all my patients had a PhD in Biochemistry and Quantum Physics to enable them to see how with such consummate skill this diet was put together. It is a wonder. The champagne vehicle IS easier to assimilate and get someone almost on their death-bed going again. A retention enema of 250 ml (8.5 oz) of oil is another route to get this precious life-furthering, ELECTRON-RICH oil into the body. It can also be applied to the skin for transdermal absorption. I'll answer your questions and give you "special orders" for you particular case.

You will have to remain on this diet for a good 5 years, at which time your tumour may have disappeared. Persons who break the rules of this diet, Dr Budwig reports, (ie eating preserved meats, candy, etc) will sometimes grow rapidly worse and cannot be saved after they come back from their spree (bon-bons mean bye-bye).

In 1967, Dr Budwig broadcast the following sentence during an interview over the South German Radio Network, describing her incoming patients with failed operations and x-ray therapy":

"Even in these cases it is possible to restore health in a few months at most, I would truly say 90% of the time".

"This has never been contradicted, but this knowledge has been a long time reaching this side of the ocean, hasn't it? Cancer treatment can be very simple and very successful once you know how. The cancer interests dont want you to know this.

May those of you who have suffered from this disease (and I include your family and friends in this) forgive the miscreants who have kept this simple information from reaching you for so long".

(signed) Dan C. Roehm, M.D. FACP


"The best, purest, most carefully prepared Flax Oil in America is, in my opinion", said Roehm, "is Omegaflo. Arrowhead mills label is most often seen in Florida (USA). Look for the Omegaflo".

"FLAX (LINSEED) OIL is readily denatured by oxygen, heat, and light. That's why it is used in paint. Rancid oil is bad for health, so oil MUST be carefully produced, packed under nitrogen in light-proof containers, refrigerated until used, used as fresh as possible, and stabilised with protein (THE SPREAD, etc) promptly once the container is opened..."

(In Australia: Stoney Creek Flaxseed oil is manufactured to these specifications - available through health food stores - Max)

Flax Seeds may also be used. Seeds need only be cracked in a food blender, or they may be ground in a coffee grinder. One needs three times the amount of seed to get the oil equivalent. Seeds are high in calories, so one may gain weight. The seeds are also high in soluble fibre, so blending with liquid tends to produce ever-hardening "jellies". Fresh-cracked seed sprinkled on muesli & eaten promptly tastes great.


Ed McCabe (p85, "Oxygen Therapies") discusses his point of view on essential fatty acids:

"The red blood cells in the lungs give up carbon dioxide and take on oxygen. They are then transported to the cell site via the blood vessels, where, they release their oxygen into the plasma. This released oxygen is "attracted" to the cells by the "resonance" of the pi-electron" oxidation-enhancing fatty acids. Otherwise, oxygen cannot work its way into the cell. "Electron rich fatty acids" play the decisive role in "respiratory enzymes, which are the basis of cell oxidation...".

"Dont eat anything hydrogenated like (like margarine, or fried foods) as it defeats oxygenation. Avoid products that say "hydrogenated".

"We should eat essential polyunsaturated fatty acids to enhance oxygenation. They can be found naturally in Carotene, Saffron, and Flaxseed oil."

-- freddie the freeloader (, March 24, 2000.

Message to Sysop.....I noticed you deleted another Cancer Cure a few days ago. If you delete this info, then I tell you that you have no concience!

-- danny boy (, March 24, 2000.

Message to Danny Boy.

If you tell people to use unproven methods rather than scientifically proven ones then YOU have no conscience.


-- Someone (, March 24, 2000.

My cure:

1 pair of fresh frog legs

1 scorpions tail

2 vulture eggs

2 pairs of eye of newt

mix thoroughly in blender

I've been drinking this once a week and I don't have cancer

-- (Dr.Jekyl@Mr.Hyde), March 24, 2000.

I wonder how many people know that Malkmus is listed on QuackNet as one of the shining gems? That the FDA has, more than once, gone after him for making wild claims that couldn't be substantiated?

I wonder how many know that children can suffer from severe malnutrition while on his diet? His claim that all we need are raw fruits and vegetables is flat, patently WRONG. No qualified dietician would agree with him.

I wonder how people many know that his diet is based on junk science, guesswork and mysticism? That it's not even Scriptural? Malkmus claims that it's the diet that God wants us to eat, but fails to explain why God should have designed our teeth for cutting, tearing and chewing MEAT as well as vegetables ... and eating raw meat is dangerous.

Sysop: Just for the record, the original post is an underhanded advertisement for a dubious diet.

-- Me (, March 24, 2000.

Oh come on!!!!

All these off beat cancer cures. Surely everyone knows that the only way to beat cancer is to eliminate the cause, and scientits have now found a very link to the cause.

It has been proven that 100% of all cancer sufferers started life by drinking milk or milk based products. Therefore to prevent all cancer simply ban milk.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, March 24, 2000.

I strongly advise anyone who wants to try these so-called cancer cures to read the biography about Gilda Radnor, "It's Always Something." Gilda, one of the original SNL Not Ready for Prime Time Players, died an unpleasant death from ovarian cancer, and the macrobiotic diet she was on didn't help. Early detection would have...

-- (, March 24, 2000.

"It has been proven that 100% of all cancer sufferers started life by drinking milk or milk based products. Therefore to prevent all cancer simply ban milk."

Malcolm where did you hear this? Do you have a link or source?

-- WillF (, March 24, 2000.

Willf, think about it, before you embarass yourself anymore than you already have.

-- (it@makes.sense), March 24, 2000.

Uh ... wilf?

All infants drink milk (or at the very least, a milk substitute). I think Malcolm was having a bit of fun. :)

Incidentally, I should note that Rev Hallelujiah not only recommends against eating meat, he even says that milk is bad for you.

Under Malkmus's interpretation, God played a mean trick on the Israelites: He led His Chosen People into the Promised Land so that he could poison them with "milk and honey!"

(He also specifically commanded them to eat meat and bread on several occasions ... and even described how to *COOK* them. Jesus himself fed cooked bread and fish to mulititudes; it's considered one of His most famous miracles.)

(I'll let you find the scriptural references.)

-- Me (, March 24, 2000.

Please don't delete (or what is the meaning of uncensored?). THe information about flax and oxygenation is very important. Other GLAS work well, too, supposedly, such as evening primrose oil. Diabetic neuropathy is supposedly caused by lack of oxygenating factors.

-- mara (, March 24, 2000.

To all you people who don't believe in nutritional healing. Do you really believe Chemo is a "proven" cure"?

Chemo kills more people world wide than anything else!!!!!

I have several neighbors who are six feet under by believing in Chemo!!!!!!!!

-- danny boy (, March 24, 2000.

Me (, ;-)

-- Malcolm Taylor (, March 24, 2000.

This is another marketing scam, this time it's for books and carrot juice, under a religious theme.

Read the "About" section on this forum carefully. "Solicitations of any kind resulting in monetary gains in commercial ventures are not permitted."

If you continue posting such cut/paste from such "miracle cures" website, I will be posting your IP and different handles.

I want to make this clear to you and everyone else; you may discuss your views on such books and ventures, and miracle cures and new discoveries, and you can post links to such website, but starting new threads with cut/paste of such is considered MARKETTING BAITS by me, and will be deleted. Doesn't matter if it's for cancer or broken nails, and religious or not.

I intend to keep this forum free of such scams, wether you think they are or not makes no difference to me.


-- Old TB2K Forum Regular (, March 24, 2000.

I hate it when someone discovers a good diet for them and then they generalize it to the whole d*** universe, And it becomes "what God wants for all of us." Think about it, how can both macrobiotics and a raw food diet be the One True Way? It's impossible, they are polar opposite. No wonder people making these types of claims make such a bad name for themselves and everyone screams "Quack! Quack!" Because of this, you can come away from sites like Quackwatch looking down at anything in natural medicine from a tall summit in your head, with scorn. This is a shame because foods are powerful. There is so much of value to learn in how to optimize health with foods and supplements, and prevent and heal many degenerative diseases. And there are nutritional M.D.s who base their entire practice on actual peer-reviewed research, which they actually take the trouble to read.

Some of these extreme diets do help to right imbalances in the body and promote healing. Read any of the books of Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. As she herself learned over a long career, these diets stand up very poorly as long-term diets, however, as the diets themselves are unbalanced. Once a person is healed, they tend to do best on a diet that is in the middle of the extremes, in other words, that includes some cooked, some raw, and a balance of meat, vegetables, fruit and some carbs. Many things such as the Omega 3's should be supplemented. The only thing that everyone seems to agree on is to stay away from processed foods and eat whole foods as much as possible.

Malcolm Taylor - studies show that crack addicts started by drinking milk too, think we have to go back to the drawing board ;-)

-- Debbie (, March 24, 2000.

As someone who studies cancer on a daily basis, I have to say that I don't think that these things are necessarily cures. Nevertheless, it's true that stuff high in omega-3 fatty acids is healthier and more chemoprentative. Also, diets lower in animal fat is less carcinogenic than charred flesh. There is lots and lots of evidence that certain plant oils are better than others at cancer prevention: corn oil is not good; flaxseed oil and olive oil is great.

The bottom line is that cancer is caused by mutations in cellular DNA. This process is driven in part by selective pressures where cells that can survive in low oxygen eventually expand and grow out of the tumor, becoming the wave of cells that invade other tissues and ultimately kill you. These cells don't necessarily divide much faster than normal cells--they simply don't DIE as fast or as easily as normal cells. Hence, this is why much chemotherapy doesn't work at all. The patient is poisoned before the drug even scratches the cancer cells.

What does this mean for you? Well, first of all you have to do things that limit your cells to DNA-damaging toxins. Mere metabolism. itself, is toxic, because it produces oxygen radicals that toast your DNA. The faster your metabolism is, the more chances your DNA gets hit. Thus it's better to eat only what you need and not go for seconds when you're already full.

Second, you need to eat stuff that is less poisonous. Although meat tastes great, when you char it you create all kinds of chemicals that will form adducts with the DNA in your colon's epithelial cells. Most are repaired but eventually, if you are unlucky, some will start the process towards cancer.

Some foods/products not only protect against the free radical damage, but also seem to slow cancer growth, itself. These include selenium (taken w. vitamin E), green tea, aspirin (or even better, the new cox-2 inhibitors), and soybeans. Soy is especially fascinating because it containst protective agents against hormonal cancers (breast, ovary, prostate, testes) and compounds that limit or block cell division (genistein).

If you have cancer, though, at this point in time, the best you can hope for is to listen to your doctor because he/she has hard facts gained from double-blind and controlled studies which optimize the best treatment for your condition.

As for the future, the new data pouring in from cell-molecular-genetic studies will make rational drug design the way of the future. Now that there is a basic, rudimentary understanding of the exact genes that go foul in cancer, a list of precise targets has been drawn up against our enemy, cancer. Now and before, we have bascially been shooting in the dark. Now, we are just beginning to actually know what bulls' eyes to aim at.

In addition, PCR-based analyses and DNA chips will make it possible to detect cancer before it is even palpable, decades in advance. This is essential because if cancer is detected super-early, fewer mutations occur in the cells and they can thus be killed more easily. Also, most importantly, they haven't spread anywhere.

Mark my words: There are few proven cures for cancer yet (with the exception of treatments of certain kinds of leukemia and testicular cancer), but they are definitely on the way. Pretty soon death from cancer or even painful, debilitating chemotherapy will be a thing of the past.

-- coprolith (, March 24, 2000.

Debbie, I agree. Nothing worse than a person singing the praises of "What Cured Me!!" That doesn't mean it cured them, they may have just gotten lucky.

My mother ate junk food all her life, and greasy meat, eggs, milk, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, soft drinks and candy. She lived to age 95, recovered fully from two broken hips, and had all her wits about her until the day she died. Good genes help. Maybe I'll be so lucky. Her motto was: "I don't believe in calories. I've never seen one."

-- gilda (, March 24, 2000.

I thought the zapper was another cancer cure

just because people eat junk food etc doesn't mean that they will automatically contract cancer or heart disease but they may be more likely to do so

what this guy is saying (assuming its true) is that having got cancer this diet regime worked (for him) probably by helping the self- generative properties of the body

Ok I gave up smoking, do exercise etc I'm not saying this will automatically ensure a longer healthier life but the odds are more in my favour than before

-- richard (, March 24, 2000.

WillF, It has been proved that 94% of all fatal car accident victims have had traces of carrots in their digestive systems. Therefore, carrots cause car accidents.

Or how about this: 100% of all serial murderers grew up in either a house or in an apartment. Therefore raising your kids in a house or apartment will cause them to become serial murderers.

Get it?

-- semper paratus (here_with@my.pals), March 24, 2000.

This thread reminded me of some required reading in my first semester of university. By golly, it's even on the internet now.

Dread Tomato Addiction

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.thingee), March 24, 2000.

Danny, I am with you on the dangers of Chemo. Vile, evil side effects. What is quantity without quality? I have not experienced this situation, but have observed five maternal relatives and numerous acquaintances go through the horror treatment, only to have their funeral follow. I have decided that I would try anything, other than Chemo. If it works, then So Be it. If not, then I really didn't expect to inhabit this body forever, did I?

-- Chemo (as@last.resort), March 24, 2000.

Look into Cell Pathways (symbol: CLPA)

Real science, genuinely revolutionary. Their drug causes early cell death to cancerous and precancerous cells, without nasty side effects.

I don't own any, but am considering it.

-- nope (nope@nope.nope), March 24, 2000.

My money's on Judah Folkman & angiostatin.

-- Carlos (, March 26, 2000.

Folk, Cancer is (currently thought to be) a failure of something called aptosis, which is where a switch in the gene determines how many times the cell will reproduce. In Cancer, this switch is turned off. The researchers are still trying to figure out how to turn it on and off. One of my clients is DEEP into this type of study here in Cleveland.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, March 29, 2000.

Chuck, I study apoptosis, too. The fluorometric DEVDase assay is my bread and butter assay. Currently the thinking is that a cell has two main ways of killing itself through apoptosis. One way is through "death receptors" like TNF or Fas; the other depends on mitochondria and occurs in response to toxic stress or growth factor withdrawal. Ample evidence exists which now tells us that one of these two triggers towards death may employ the other, thus amplifying the death cascade.

You're absolutely right about cancer. It's deadly not because cancer cells grow more quickly than surrounding tissue but because they die more slowly. Thus, drugs which aim to block cell division only go so far before poisoning the patient. Why?

I believe that cancer cells undergo evolution in the tumor. Evolution involves mutation and natural selection. What do they mutate? In time, some cells develop "mutator mutations" where they lose the ability to proofread damaged DNA or chromosomal instability. Evolution evolving. What is the main selection pressure? I believe that it is initally a microenvironment within the primary tumor that is deprived of oxygen. Cells on the periphery of this boundary of barely-tolerable hypoxia are selected to survive, not die. This selection may include a deletion of p53, PTEN, or a hyperproduction of a growth or survival signal. I study what are known as growth factor-mediated survival signals. I believe that what they fundamentally do is enable a cell to get the energy it needs by making mitochondria more durable. This is done, in part, with the help of proteins called "bcl-2 family members."

One reason taxol is such an effective drug is that it targets bcl-2.

Others may follow. The key is learning how to specifically interfere with a cancer cells' abnormal "survival signaling" without mucking up the normal cells surrounding them.

-- coprolith (, April 01, 2000.

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