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when I use adaptec easy cd creator to make vcd's, I goto put a good vcd compliant mpeg into the ADD area and it says that it is a good mpeg, It loads the mpeg, but not really, it shows that the movie is zero big. I have tried everything under the moon, please help...

-- Steven Eichenberg (, March 23, 2000


The very same or similar problems you'll find all over the net (whereever they discuss making of VCD's)and you should also find some threads here which discuss just that. In short : EZD sucks and is very picky in accepting the correct mpeg format as well as some system drivers. Some time back I had the very same problem, bought myself Nero Burning Rom, did my first VCD and never looked back ever since. Don't waist time with the EZD use a decent piece of software ...

-- Ollie (, March 24, 2000.

While your at it get NTI's software off the net for $39. It's on sale through the end of the month, it's usually around $79. As far as Nero and EZ CD Creator I have never had any trouble with EZ other than the fact it won't accept higher than standard bit rate mpg's. I emailed them and sked if they could change that. I tried Nero one time and it was more picky than EZ CD Creator. Wouldn't accept files created by Broadway 4.0 as valid mpg's. It also wouldn't let me install nero without first removing ez cd creator. I have both NTI and EZ on my computer now

-- Al McCraw (, March 24, 2000.

I don't agree that EZD sucks. I have used it to burn many cds and vcds without problem. One must recognise that EZD does not work on PC that has software using third-party ActiveMovie control. PCs without 3-party ActiveMovie control is not expected to have problem.

If we looked at it from EZD angle, the software that uses 3-party ActiveMovie control instead of DirectX is the one that really sucks.

So, it really depends on one's circumstance and how we view the issue.

-- Daniel Lee (, March 25, 2000.

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