I liked "Under Control" but...*kinda a spoiler*

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I liked "Under Control" - it had many humerous moments. There just wasn't enough Carter(there never is IMHO). And as I'm still missing Lucy, I felt kind of alone in the epi.

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), March 23, 2000


Shauna - how have you seen "Under Control" yet? It's only 6:40pm pacific time!

-- Lindz (Sweetpea@conk.com), March 23, 2000.

It was a good epi. (all are good!), but I think I was expecting more of Carter and his problems as well. I think it is because there has been such "hoopla" over this epi. It was definately obvious that they are leading to something with Carter, I guess we all need to be patient. The worst thing is that I think we are all going to have to wait until next season to see the conclusion of Carter's problems. :-(

-- Paula (pbranden@dwave.net), March 23, 2000.

Yeah, I'm sure Carter's problems will very slowly progress, and we will have to wait little by little every week. This happens with most storylines, but everyone seems so passionate about Carter here that it seems like it is taking longer than all other extended storylines.

* Shauna, I missed Lucy too...I really hoped Kerry (I loved her in her little part tonight) would have asked him about her in her concern over Carter's problems.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), March 23, 2000.

Someone on the newsgroup had suggested that Carter would hopefully get more support from his family. Maybe someone was listening. I really enjoyed Carter going home to get some comfort with "Gamma". Seems this is the only family were gonna really get to see. Family ties seemed to be an underlying storyline tonight amid the crazyness. I liked it. But maybe the called in lullaby during a trauma was a bit much.

-- MAX (CMAXYZ@webtv.net), March 24, 2000.

I just gave a long answer on another thread regarding Carter's family support. It was great to see Gamma. Carter knew he needed help, and that's where he went.

-- (trelles@ix.netcom.com), March 24, 2000.

I thought there was just the right amount of Carter. If they overload us, we'll be bored with the story and won't tune in from week to week (I believe that's their theory, anyhow).

I really liked the lullaby. It was almost eerie, a mother singing a song to her child as one man's life is threatened immediately and machines are beeping like crazy, while another man in the next room faces an uncertain future in a more quiet manner.

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 24, 2000.

I agree with what lots of folks said--I liked what little we saw of Carter, esp. the scene with Gamma. It was amazing how haggard he looked--there was one scene in particular where the bags under his eyes stood out like sores. What really struck me was how stoic he seemed to be trying to be...keeping it inside except when the pain was just too excruciating. He also seemed to be feeling really alone--I really felt this in the beginning when he dropped his crutches at his locker...I sensed part of him wished a good friend was there helping out, and part of him resented needing help at all. Poor Carter. I thought this was an excellent setup for the descent we're being led to believe is coming.

-- nancy (ntc72@mailcity.com), March 24, 2000.

I enjoyed the lullaby from Carol. It effected everyone with their respective lives...Carol, obviously, wishing she were there to sing to her babies (and of course later brought them in), Carter, lonely and longing for the love Carol has in her life right now and wishing his life didn't feel so messed up right now, Mark taking a break out from his tense tone to make fun of Carol's lullaby, since this is probably the only happy thing he's heard all day, and Kerry, wishing she had someone to go home to too (as she shared at the beginning of All in the Family). It was very bittersweet.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), March 24, 2000.

The amount of Carter was okay, but the problem for me was that I was expecting more of him because of the previews. The preview people just snapped together the couple of lines and scenes that could make us believe that this episode would be about Mark and Carter and it turned out to be not that at all. On the lullaby thing, I don't really have an opinion, but I thought it was funny when Carol started singing, Mark sarcastically said "that's a lullaby?"

-- Cai (mohawk@xmission.com), March 24, 2000.

I thought Noah Wyle did an *amazing* job in this epi, I winced when he did, his pain was so believable - but like I said I wish there was more of him :).

ER is on at 8:00pm atlantic time here (Nova Scotia), so I get to see it way before most. (he he :D)

*ELAINE: I'm glad I wasn't alone in missing Lucy. Thank you for saying that you did too. I felt like I was floating through the episode with no grounding point - I felt like I was the only one thinking about Lucy.

I too wished Kerry would have mentioned something.... But I liked Carters exchange with his grandmother too. I'm hoping there's more in future episodes (like everyone else :) )

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), March 24, 2000.

I'm so glad to see others felt the same. Lucy was never one of my favorites, although I did like her. It was shocking when she died, but I didn't cry. However, Thursday night I found myself sad and really missing her. It was weird not to see her and know that we never will again. I also felt so bad for Carter. He really seemed to feel alone, and I just wanted to hug him.

-- kristal (teetle1@juno.com), March 25, 2000.

I for one loved Thur. episode. I found myself not missing Lucy at all. Kellie Martin is a real person, Lucy is a character. Kellie Martin asked to leave the show. I missed Sherry Stringfield when she left ER, I missed George Clooney and I'll miss Julianna Margulies. However, these are real people with real lives to lead. I'm sure the writers and directors will introduce new characters and a year from now people will be saying, "Lucy who?..". I know I already do.

-- Carin (cdenisehaze@usa.net), March 25, 2000.

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